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Message from our Head Teacher, Mary Gardiner



Our friendly school is based in South Tottenham, London. We are a happy and welcoming school where our children’s entitlement to succeed is at the heart of all we do. Their aspiration and hunger for learning is evident across school life; they are bright, engaging and fun children who are developing a true sense of themselves and the world in which they live. We are very fortunate that our children bring to West Green, a wide range of cultures, languages and personal experiences. We are proud to have the ‘whole world’ within our walls helping us all to develop tolerance and empathy for beliefs and lifestyles different to our own and supporting us to become respectful and globally aware citizens.

Mary Gardiner


Every member of our staff team is determined that at West Green we deliver the very best education for all our children to thrive and reach their full potential.  We encourage our children to become reflective, lifelong learners who each take an active role in their unique learning journey. We create a learning ethos where our children know that mistakes are not only safe, but are an imperative part of success. We acknowledge the importance of developing the core skills of reading, writing and maths and we equally embrace the enrichment that the wider curriculum provides. Learning across the curriculum is enhanced with specialist teaching for music, art, sport and Mandarin. We strongly believe that childhood is not solely about preparation for the future, butis a time to be fully enjoyed here and now. As such, we add further excitement and engagement to our learning through regular trips, visitors, workshops and themed days and weeks to create happy memories and learning that will last a lifetime.


Our West Green school community is proud of our school and ourachievements. I hope you enjoy exploring our website to gain an insight into what we are all about. If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact us.


We look forward to welcoming you to our West Green family.


Mary Gardiner
Head Teacher

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Our children are:


Fun-loving (and Fulfilled) – now is not merely about preparation for the future. Our children feel safe and happy, to enjoy the journey, to live in and love each day, making memories that will last a lifetime.


Inquisitive – our children’s curiosity is nurtured so that they ask questions and strive to find the answers, feeding their hunger for knowledge and developing skills for lifelong learning.


Resilient – our children do not give up; they see mistakes as a positive learning opportunity and take pride in their progress as they overcome barriers.


Successful – our children have ambition; they work hard as a good education creates options meaning they can make choices and so live a fulfilling and happy life.


Team players – our children develop into responsible, respectful and inclusive citizens contributing positively to their communities.

How we achieve this:


At West Green our staff are


reflective, lifelong learners growing reflective, lifelong learners’


  • plan engaging learning sequences based on the children’s prior knowledge, utilising first-hand learning experiences and differing learning styles

  • provide enrichment activities fostering children’s curiosity and making learning more fun, creative and memorable

  • create ‘talk-rich’ classrooms and learning spaces; we explicitly teach a broad vocabulary and expect children to use it, we model how to ask and answer questions, we encourage the children to use learning talk with each other and staff to clarify and consolidate their thinking as well as developing their interpersonal skills

  • support children in making connections in their learning, so they develop a good foundation of knowledge and skills upon which to apply new learning

  • model making mistakes and how we use them to plan for improvement and to make progress, also encouraging and praising children when they do the same

  • strive to nurture our children’s wellbeing as we are aware that perseverance skills can only develop when children feel safe and happy

  • have high expectations of all our children and encourage them to be active learners who are aware of what they have achieved and know what they need to do to make progress

  • encourage a love of reading for lifelong enjoyment as well as a key skill for lifelong learning

  • we take responsibility to develop as professionals, actively sharing our continuous learning journey with our children, demonstrating how we learn from them as well as them learning from us


“The teaching of mathematics is good. Through the support that they had from consultants, teachers are skilled in teaching the new curriculum effectively. Pupils’ misconceptions are quickly cleared up. Teachers require pupils to explain their Inspection report: West Green Primary School, 14–15 September 2016 Page 6 of 13 mathematical reasoning. This helps them to think logically. Pupils have opportunities to apply their skills in solving problems, including in money matters. As a result, pupils make good progress.”


SATS 2019

Key Stage 1

Writing, Reading & Maths

Writing 61%
Reading 61%
Maths 61%
RWM 58%


Ofsted Inspection September 2016

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Year 1

Phonics 75%


National Average 71.5%


DFE Performance Table

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KS2 SATs 2019

 % achieving expected standard or above % achieving higher 'greater depth' standard Average scaled score (Nat. average = 100)Average progress score. Expected = '0'
West GreenNationalWest GreenNationalWest GreenProgress Score
Combined R/W/M41%65%4%11%N/AN/A
Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar63%78%30%36%103N/A


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