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Dr Margaret Ebunoluwa Aderin-Pocock

Year 2 have been learning about Dr Margaret Ebunoluwa Aderin-Pocock during Black History Month. Maggie is an inspiring space scientist and and a science educator. We found out that as a science educator she works very hard making Science accessible to everyone! We read about her life, created fact files, drew images and presented our […]

Global Schools Action Day

Today is Global Schools Action Day!   At West Green we focused on climate education with the children. We were blown away by how much they knew already and how well they articulated their opinions about climate change and what they think is best for our planet.   In their classes the children took part […]

Y2 Merits + Competition Results: The Final Blog Post

This is it! Well done to everyone in Year 2 who has worked so hard since we started having to learn from home. I wonder how many merits you have won altogether? You will be given your merits in September. Remember those of you who bring in school work in September that you could not […]

Y2: Story Time in Green Class

Hello Yellow Class…   But you’ll notice that this blog has also been posted onto Green Class…   Since that is where you will be next year!   Merits are being counted later on, so make sure you’ve done as much as possible to finish the term. MyMaths, Purple Mash and your quizzes will need […]

Y2 Voting: Fun at the seaside 7

It’s time for one last seaside lesson, and one last funny seaside GIF!     Today is voting day! I’ve shown you six videos in the last six weeks of seaside lessons, from all over the United Kingdom.   Last week, you used the colour yellow to show me where these popular places were on […]

Goodbye Year 6

Year 6 – As we haven’t been able to say goodbye in the usual way we have made you a special video to say farewell. Good luck and remember – you will ALWAYS be part of our West Green family so we will ALWAYS be here for you.

The Great Quiz of Year 2

Thank you to the 18 children who came to the picnic! It was great to see you all so happy.       Today’s blog post will get you thinking about ALL OF YEAR TWO! Everything you have learned since September might come in handy to answer these quiz questions. There are two ways you can […]

Y2 TTDE: The Final Episode

It’s finally here! The very last episode of Through the Dragon’s Eye, the TV show that’s a reading lesson in disguise. It’s so fun, you don’t even know that you’re learning!   Obviously, I hope you have watched every episode of TTDE up until now. It all started with this blog post where I asked […]

Y2 Science: Where do plants grow?

Welcome to your last week of Year 2! It’s your last week of being Yellow Class!   Today we have our final science lesson and tomorrow our final TTDE episode!   On Wednesday there will be an enormous quiz of everything you’ve learned since September. Don’t forget the picnic at the park at 1 o’clock! […]

Y2 Merits: Friday 10th July

  There is only one week left! Can you believe that? Next week there will be blogs every day. On Friday 17th July, I will count up the merits for one final time and we shall see how many merits you have won all together. Will it be more than one thousand merits or will […]

Y2 TTDE: Episode Nine + Win your merits!

Well done for making it to the end of another week! You have only one week remaining and you will be in Year Three! Please remember to visit the school today to get lots of reading books for the summer.   I’m expecting lots of merits to be won today. In order to win merits, […]

Y2 Video Lesson: Fun at the seaside 6

What a treat I have for you today Yellow Class. Today’s video lesson is brought to you from an actual beach! But before you press play on my video lesson, we must continue with our competition.    Let’s remember where we’ve been so far. You’ll be able to watch all of the videos again next […]

Yoga Competition Winners!

Hello everyone!! I was so happy to receive your entries for the wonderful Yoga Competition! Here are some of the entries: The Winners are: Reception: Lily Year 1: Ghofran Year 2: Saule Year 4: Lauren You can come and collect your prize from the school office on Friday or you can wait and receive it […]

Y2 Maths: The 2 hour challenge

  Look at this theme park! Theme parks were one of the businesses that were allowed to reopen by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, from Saturday 4th July.   Of course, it is still important that if you choose to visit a theme park, that you make sure you are social distancing.   Today, Mr […]

Y2 TTDE: Episode Eight

  Have you finished your beach safety instructions? Remember to complete that task and send it to for a merit!     There are three episodes to go! What will happen today as Gorwen meets Charn? Watch the video and then complete the activity below.         Learning   Each episode of the series […]

Y2 Writing Task: Instructions for beach safety

Have you seen my video message from the end of last week? Please watch it in this blog post:   _____________________________________________________________   Command, Question or Statement?   1. When did you buy your television?   2. Go to the shops and buy me some milk.   3. It costs a lot of money to buy […]

Y2 Merits! How many have you won?

  Merit winners from the last three weeks   Emails with work to   10 merits – Aaron, Safiyyah, Vihansa and Saule 9 merits – Melina 3 merits – Adem 2 merits – Albino 1 merit – Asabea     MyMaths – 2 merits available each week if you score 70% or more in every task   6 […]

Friday 3rd July: TTDE and Merits at 5 o’clock

Have you completed at least one piece of home learning this week? I’m expecting this!   MyMaths:   Reading quizzes:   Purple Mash:   Your merits are coming later, along with a video from Mr Morgan. Please make sure you have completed all of your Purple Mash, your MyMaths and quizzed on your […]

Y2 Fun at the Seaside 5!

It’s another Thursday, which can only mean one thing…     Our competition so far has been very close. I’ve shown you videos from the East of Scotland, the South of Wales, the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland and the Yorkshire coast in England. This week’s video is very close to London.   We’re off […]

TTRS Competition

Hello West Green! Well done to the children who participated in the Timestable Rockstars Competition 2020, you will all receive a certificate in the post for your participation and hard work.   The top three children who answered the most questions are: Saffiyah in year 2 answered a whopping 754 questions!!! Aaron in year 2 […]

Y2 PE: Sports Day at Home!

Sports Day is one of the most fun days of the year at school. So I’m doing my best to give you some ideas about how you could create your own Sports Day at home, or in your nearest park!   Below are some races you could try and set up with your family.   […]

Y2 Maths: Column Method for Taking Away

Hello everybody!   Last week I asked you to do some addition using the column method. This week I want you to focus only on taking away.   Some of you may have done your MyMaths task already. If you didn’t score above 70%, remember you need to do it again if you want to […]

Y2 Spelling and Handwriting – Happy Monday Everyone

Hello there!   Welcome to the fifth week of this half term. There are only three more weeks to go. Can you believe that? Then you’ll be in YEAR THREE!   Don’t forget to keep an eye on all of your plants you started growing two weeks ago. Send a photo to and Mr […]

Friday 26th June: Another TTDE!

Yello Hellow Class!   If you are reading this message, then I’m not quite ready to count up the merits yet as I’m still recovering. I typed this message before my surgery and by today I hoped to be able to say hello with a little video message. However, I hope to do all of […]

Yoga competition!!! Enter before Monday

Hello there, We have an awesome competition for you! There are prizes to be won in each class so make sure you send in your entries before Monday 29th June. What you have to do: Invent a yoga pose based on an animal. You can be as inventive as you would like. Take a photograph or draw a picture of your […]

Y2 Thursday Seaside Fun! 4

Hello Yellow Class! It’s time for this week’s fun at the seaside! The weather isn’t always sunny you know…     In the last three weeks we have watched videos with lovely background music from different parts of the UK coast. The coast is where the land meets the sea. There are lots of cliffs made […]

Piers Torday – Writing competition

Did you know that Piers, one of our school reading volunteers, is also a famous author?   He has launched a writing competition today because it is National Writing Day. Why don’t you enter? It looks like fun and you could win a full signed set of Piers’ books and £100 book voucher. Just imagine […]

Y2 London Rocks – How are we getting on?

Hello everyone,   *If you haven’t finished your writing from yesterday, please finish it today and send it to*   I hope you have been playing some extra Times Tables Rockstars this week as part of the London Rocks competition!   London Rocks 2020   At 2 o’clock today, I need Yellow Class to […]

Y2 Writing Task + TTDE

It’s a new episode of Through the Dragon’s Eye! This is the fifth episode of the series. I hope you have seen the previous episodes. If you look at last Friday’s blog post, you can find a link to all of the previous episodes if you need to watch from episode one.   Watch the […]

Mandarin Practice with Grace 10

Hi Year1 & Year2& Year3   This is video is special for Year1 new learning.   Year2 & Year3 children, if you still want to revise the 10 Pictographic characters, you could have a look as well.   Link   Stay safe Grace

Yoga Competition for Everyone!

Hello everyone, We have a competition! Please watch the video below for all the information you will need to enter. A big thank you to Rachel for helping me launch the competition! I really appreciate it! Please email your entries to: Deadline:  Monday 29th June 2020  There will be one winner from each class!! […]

Are you ready for a reading challenge?

Hello all West Green pupils!   Well done to everyone who is reading at home – you are practising the most important skill you will ever learn! Lots of you are quizzing using the Accelerated Reader programme too which is great to see.   Why not sign up for the summer reading challenge? This is […]

Y2 Maths: A new method to add

Welcome to another week of learning! We’re starting off with maths this week. You’ll also find new maths activities on MyMaths, this week with a focus back on adding and subtracting. It’s important we get lots of practise since we won’t be back in school until September!   I won’t be commenting or checking your […]

Y2 Spelling of Exception Words

Hello children,   This week on Purple Mash there is a spelling quiz. I will be testing you on words that don’t follow normal spelling patterns.   It is important you learn the spellings of these words off by heart! There is no way of spelling it correctly if you use normal phonics rules.   […]

Friday 19th June – Y2 TTDE

Dear Yellow Class,   As you probably know by now, your merits for this week will be counted up as soon as I feel better enough to count them. I hope to be better enough to give you merits for this week and next week on Friday 26th June.   As you are reading this […]

Y2 Fun at the seaside 3!

It’s Thursday! That means you’re off to the seaside!     However sadly I won’t be at the seaside today… I’m going into hospital, so I won’t be replying to your emails for a while. This will now be done by Krishna, who will do her best to give you some feedback as I have […]

Explorify: Scientist of the Summer Competition

Hello West Green!     It’s Mr Morgan here with a competition for children in Reception, Year One and Year Two.   Explorify – Which leaf is the odd one out?      2.        3.    All you have to do is tell me which number you think is the odd one out […]

Y2 Poetry Questions and Rhyming Game

Hello Yellow Class!     I found this poem about the seaside this morning. Read it and then answer some questions. Handwrite your answers and send them to     ____________________________________________________________________________________________________   Questions – A mixture of retrieve, interpret and vocabulary                            […]

Y2 Maths Challenge: The Abacus

Hello!   This week I’ve asked you to complete more times tables activities on MyMaths. You need to know your 5s, which can be a little trickier than the 10s or the 2s. If you’re finding it tricky, have a go at this worksheet first and ask for help from a parent, sibling or carer. […]

Y2 Science: Growing Plants Project

Hello Yellow Class! Welcome to another week of learning at home.   If you missed my video message on Friday afternoon, please go and watch it now. I’m updating you with the latest news about Year 2 and when you will go back to school. Please watch it by clicking on the blog post below. […]

*UPDATED* Friday 12th June: Merits + TTDE

Scroll further down for TTDE.   Hello Yellow Class! This blog post has been updated, watch my video below as I explain what is happening for the rest of Year 2.     ______________________________________________________________________________________________   Merits for this week   Purple Mash Merits (All work complete = 2 merits. Some work complete = 1 merit) […]

It’s Thursday: Fun at the Seaside 2

Delivery! Hop aboard on the crazy boat for some fun seaside activities each and every Thursday.   Let’s get started with a reminder of our competition. Which part of the UK has the best beaches?   Last week I showed a video from the West of Scotland. There were some beautiful beaches on some very […]


GREAT NEWS! Our school library will now be open every FRIDAY for you to change your reading books (between 9:30 – 3:30).   It is so so so important that you are reading as much as possible to make sure you are remembering all your reading skills. Plus, it goes without saying, that reading is […]

Y2 Through the Dragon’s Eye (TTDE) + SPAG Task

TTDE = Through the Dragon’s Eye   It’s an acronym. The first letters of each word spell TTDE. If you see TTDE anywhere, you’ll know there is a new episode inside that blog post. There are ten episodes in total. Remember the first episode can be found on this blog post. You need to watch […]

Y2: Maths Madness!

It’s Tuesday! Let’s get you warmed up for a bit of maths by playing these two videos. Click the links to watch the videos!   Sing along to the two times tables:   Sing along to the ten times tables:   This week MyMaths has numerous problems to do with multiplying and dividing […]

OLIVIA forms a BAND !!!

Hello Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. I have found an amazing story all about a pig called Olivia who wants to form a band!! Click on the link below and then watch the video. Aren’t those musicians really amazing! They are part of a world-famous orchestra called the London Symphony Orchestra   OLIVIA forms […]

Y2 Reading: Beaches

Hello Yellows,   Another week of learning is here. What can you do today to start the week?   1. Have you seen episode one of Through the Dragon’s Eye?    Friday 5th June: Y2 Merits UPDATED   You’ll find the video in this blog post. I will be sharing all ten episodes with you […]

AR superstars

A huge well done to all those who have quizzed this week! I can see that you are keeping up with your reading at home and understanding the texts you have read. We are so proud of you – keep it up. Remember – reading is the most important skill you will ever learn because […]

Friday 5th June: Y2 Merits UPDATED

The weekly merit post is back! With a special video treat…     Let’s celebrate all of your efforts by seeing how many merits you’ve won. I’d like to make a special mention to Safiyyah this week, who took pride in her work and made a beautiful illustration to go with her wonderful Brum diary.   […]

London Rocks 2020

Hello West Green!   As part of our commitment to make maths exciting and high profile in our school, we are taking part in a friendly competition involving schools from Greater London from Monday 22nd June to Friday 26th June. It’s all done online via   For every correct answer to a multiplication or […]

World environment day

Good morning Yellow class, I can see that many of you have been working hard on all the home task this week!   Today is World Environment day.   Every year on 5 June, people across the globe gather to celebrate World Environment Day. Established to raise environmental awareness, World Environmental Day is a great […]

Calm Jars Activity sheet

Hey westgreeners! I hope you are all well! I have added a mindful activity exercise that can help you stay calm when were stressed, sad and angry. I’ve done this for myself and it works! let me know if this helps! Ocean 🙂  

Y2: Fun Thursdays at the Seaside!

This half term at school there would normally be a lot of fun…   Sports Day School Trips International Week Summer Fair…   So it’s important that I find a way to make learning at home fun too, right?   Every Thursday I’m going to try and do just that. I’ll be sharing a fun […]

Y2 PSHCE: Tolerance

Hi everyone,   Well done to those of you who have completed the Brum writing task in first person. The video is indeed very funny! It’s a great way to practise your writing skills while learning about the seaside. I’d like everyone to have a go and to try to finish by the end of […]

Y2 Writing Task: Brum goes to the seaside

Hello Yellow Class! This week I’d like you to write a diary entry. You’ve done this before…   We pretended to be The Lonely Beast taking a tour of Tottenham. We pretended to be Amelia Earhart on her journey around the world before she sadly died.   This time I want you to pretend to […]

Maths puzzle!

Good afternoon all!   I hope you all had a relaxing half term break and enjoyed some time in the sun admiring all the lovely plants and flowers!   Welcome to summer 2! I can't believe it is the last term of the year! ?   I thought I would challenge you to a maths [...]

Y2 Science + Art: draw your favourite plant

Hello Yellow Class!   I hope you’ve enjoyed your half-term week. It’s not been easy with the stressful pandemic and the horrible news out of America. As we’ve said many times at West Green, in lessons and in Current Affairs assemblies, we need to be tolerant. Everybody is equal, everybody deserves respect.   If you […]

A half term walk with Mr Morgan!

Press play below to join me on my walk! The views are amazing!     My phone stopped recording, oops! Here’s me saying goodbye. You have to click the link, sorry. It’s only fourteen seconds so don’t worry if it doesn’t work!   A0EC710E-67BA-45B2-A443-ED9AA0068300   ________________________________________________________________     What interesting things can you spot on […]

Wow! It is very windy outside!

Hello everyone! I have noticed it is very windy outside and I wish I had my class kite with me because this is the perfect weather to fly  it in. I did some research and found a very easy way to make a kite! If you don’t have all of the materials here are some […]

Y2 Merits at Half Term – LOOK NOW!

This blog has been updated – scroll down to see the merit winners.   Hello everyone!   First of all I’d like to say a huge well done for adapting to learning at home. When I was in Year 2, I’d have found it really difficult to focus with home learning like so many of […]

Free Webinar on Internet Safety

Dear Parents/Carers,   There is a virtual parent session tomorrow, Friday 22nd May, at 3:30pm regarding Internet Safety. Click the link below to start the webinar:   Stay well   Miss Gill

Y2 RE: How should we live our lives? +Word Search

At West Green Primary School, we learn about religions and faiths from all over the world. We understand how different people worship and we ensure children are aware they can choose to belong in any religious group, and that people all over the world have free choice. We learn to respect people’s choices and we […]

‘All about me’ – Ocean

Hello WestGreeners! I hope you’re all enjoying the good weather! If you’re not able to get out today and feeling a bit bored, i’ve added a worksheet for you to complete below. All of us are unique and special. Can you draw some of the things that make you special? You can either fill in […]

Y2 Video Lesson: Volume and Capacity

LO: To know the meaning of capacity and volume   Star Words     Capacity – the maximum amount an object can hold.   Volume – the amount of space taken up by the solid or liquid.   Thousand – 1000 – a greater value than hundreds, tens and ones.   Millilitre (ml) – the measurement […]

Improve it!

Hi Yellow Class. I need your help! I have some extremely boring, dull and short sentences here… The worm went. The man got the drink. The dog came along the road. The woman ate the stuff. The man looked at the stuff in the shop. The moon shone The cat went along the wall. Miss […]

Star readers – Year 2

WOW Year 2 – I see that so many of you have been quizzing! A massive well done to Saule, Yasmin, Yi-Xuan, Josepha, Adem, Kianosh, Saffiyyah, Vihansa, Melina and Aaron who have completed at least one AR quiz this week. Actually some of these children have done more than one quiz!   Even though I […]

Y2 UK: Acrostic Poem Fun

Hello Yellow Class!       This week you can expect a video with a maths lesson tomorrow, as well as another of my SPAG word search challenges on Thursday. One subject I’ve not posted a blog about yet is RE (religious education), so look out for something about that on Wednesday. Ms Essor has […]

Always, Sometimes or Never?

Good morning Yellow Class and happy Monday! I’m here with another maths investigation for you. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.     Always, Sometimes or Never?   Are the following statements always true, sometimes true or never true? You could cut out the cards from this sheet (click the words) (word, pdf) and arrange them […]

With love from West Green

We miss you all! Watch the video to see just how much….

Friday 15th May: Y2 Merits Updated NOW!

Well done to all the merit winners for this week!   You can email any work over the weekend to and it will count next week. You can complete your leaflets next week too, since I said that it was OK to work on it for two weeks. If you would like to make another […]

Word search game: avoid the nouns!

Hello yellow class!   I hope you’ve enjoyed the leaflet activity. I know many of you will not have finished yet, it’s a very big challenge. Keep working hard and you can do more than one! You are also allowed to finish next week.   Here is Saule’s leaflet. It’s fantastic, and is an example […]

Y2 Writing Challenge: Make a leaflet!

Hello Yellows! Please watch the video and then scroll down to find pictures and web links that will help you to complete your writing task.       Here’s a picture of my leaflet. Please read it carefully because I’ve got some questions you can answer in the comments!       When folded up […]

You can now do your AR quizzes at home!

Great news everyone! You can now take your Accelerated Reader quizzes at home!   Just log on to: (It has to be this exact website address because this is the special log-in page for our school!)   Then, enter your log in details and quiz away.   If you can’t remember your log in […]

I’m eight! Maths challenge!

Hi Yellow class, I have a new maths challenge for you! When I went for a walk earlier today, I saw a child with a ballon that said ‘Its my birthday!’ Well, Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday while school has been shut down or one coming up!  I hope you had or […]

Y2 Science: Keeping Healthy

Hello Year 2, your next science lesson is below!   I’ve updated Purple Mash for the week, so please login and have a look at the four extra activities I have set as ‘2Do’ tasks.   Remember to use your MyMaths username and password.     _____________________________________________________________________________________________   How do humans stay healthy? […]

Friday 8th May: Year 2 go merit crazy!

Happy weekend Yellow Class!   It’s been a bank holiday on Friday, but it hasn’t stopped you commenting or sending me work. There have been some very special pieces of work this week and it’s been nice to see some new children making comments, using Purple Mash, or doing times tables rockstars. I’ve set some […]

Year 2 Home Learning Quiz

Hello everyone!   Tomorrow is actually a bank holiday, which means there would be no school. It is 75 years since the end of World War 2 in Europe, bringing peace to the United Kingdom.       Remember, Walter Tull fought in World War 1. Sadly World War 2 was even worse with many […]

WATCH NOW! Northern Ireland with Aunty Claire and the boys

Hello! It’s the last of our interviews about the United Kingdom (UK). Today I’ve been talking across the Irish Sea to my aunt and young cousins who are in Portrush, a town by the sea in Northern Ireland. I’ve marked it with a blue cross on the map. Can you see where Belfast is? That’s […]

Maths Puzzle

Good morning yellow class!   I’m sure you are very excited for the next round of interviews about the U.K.   While im waiting to see the interview, I have been completing some maths sudokus.   In the mean time while you wait, here is a mini maths puzzle for you to complete. Think about […]

WATCH NOW! Learn about Wales with Jeannie!

Hello everyone! Jeannie has answered your questions about Wales! She will be reading all of your comments and will answer any more of your questions.   Remember, useful comments mean merits for Year 2 children!     Wales is in the WEST of the United Kingdom. Press play on the 18 minute video below!   […]

Calling all creative West Green children….

Groundswell Arts project are running some fun arty events in the local area and we’d love it if you could get involved! Photo trail: They are asking our children and their families to take photographs of the wonderful inside world of lock-down that we are currently living in. The artists will then bring these pictures […]

Purple Mash

Hello West Green!   Purple Mash is a great website to keep our children learning throughout this lockdown. Everyday there are activities for the children to complete. Teachers will email the children’s username, passwords (same as their Mymaths) and guidance on how to use Purple Mash. Its super easy, follow the link below:   […]

Get Started with Purple Mash!

Welcome to a new week of learning!   Today I’d like you to get started with a new website that is full of games and activities. I’ve given you four tasks to try with a deadline of Friday. If you complete all of the tasks, I’ll give you two merits. Some of the tasks – […]

Friday 1st May: Y2 Merits and more photos!

Well done for another great week of home learning! Next week there will be information on Wales and Northern Ireland, a maths challenge and an art challenge.   Here’s some photos of learning you’ve sent me this week.   I really like Vihansa’s handwriting. Please do try and write as nicely as you would in […]

WATCH NOW! Your questions about Scotland answered!

Say hello to my cousins Evie, Jasmin and Hariot. They’ve answered your questions about Scotland! They live in Edinburgh, which is the capital of Scotland. Here is Edinburgh on a map of the United Kingdom.       Scotland is in the NORTH of the UK. Press play on the video below!       […]

Hello Genelle here with a song…!

Hi West Green! I have been keeping busy by singing. It’s always a good day to sing, do you have a favourite song? Lots of Love Genelle

Animal sentence game

Hi Yellow Class, You know how much I love English so I wanted to challenge you to a sentence game. Animal game I am going to make a list of animals. You have to pick an animal and write a sentence about it – they can be playful/funny if you want!   I will put […]

Y2 Maths: 3D shapes and patterns

  LO: To identify the properties of 3D shapes!   1 SC: I can count all of the faces.   2 SC: I can count all of the vertices.   3 SC: I can count all of the edges.       Please watch the video below to learn about these properties. You might want […]

Y2 Word Aware Game

***This game is proving popular! Keep scrolling down to the very bottom for new questions.***   Welcome to a new week of learning Year 2!     I want you to stand up and act these words one by one! Just like we would do in class. Maybe get someone in your family to read […]

Friday 24th April: Y2 Merit Table and your photos!

Good afternoon yellow class! Our first week of the summer term is finished. I’ve been so impressed with the amount of children commenting and sending me emails to my new special address:     Me and Ms Essor have so far sent a reply to each email. We’d love to send even more replies […]

West Green in Bloom

Hi Yellow Class,   Vihansa wanted to share some lovely pictures of the blossom trees at school to yellow class.   In many cultures, blossoms are seen as a reminder to how precious life is and reminds us to make a promise not to take the good things in our lives for granted!   So […]

Send me your questions about the UK!

Hello there!   Exciting news! I’m going to record an interview between me and three special people who come from different parts of the UK.   However I’m not going to ask the questions. I need you!       Yes I need you! You will need to write the questions. I will then ask […]

Year 1 and 2

Here’s two of our favourite songs in Year 1 and 2 Kye, kye kule- do you remember the actions? And – look who I’ve found !!!   Also check out the link below – I love the song I am a Robot

Y2 Video Lesson: UK Writing Task

Hello again yellows!   This week’s writing task is explained in the video. You will need to complete the lesson I show you on BBC Bitesize first, or else you will be confused.     If you liked the video, please tell me in the comments!       Once you’ve found the BBC Bitesize […]

Y2 Science: Do humans get faster as they get older?

Watch this video. Can anyone recognise Usain Bolt? He appeared on our timeline when we were learning about significant people! He was the fastest man in the world.     Now Usain is a little bit older and he doesn’t race anymore.   Q1:Do you think he is still the fastest man in the world? […]

Friday 17th April: Y2 Merit League Table and Word Search!

Hello Yellow Class!   The holidays are over, five weeks of learning from home is about to begin. We’ll be covering:   Maths – Patterns and turns, Numbers to 1000, capacity and volume.             Geography – The United Kingdom           Science – How do humans stay […]

Y2 Video: A walk with Mr Morgan

Hello everybody! Watch the video, come on a walk with me and leave a comment about it. The video cuts out at the end just before I was going to say goodbye! Oops.   Next yellow class blog post: Friday   Send any work to   Thanks for watching!    

Merit League Table and Quiz Results

Happy Friday Year 2!   Today would have been the last day of the Spring Term. So you won’t find any new learning on the Yellow News page for the next two weeks. There might still be some videos. Ms Essor is going to finish reading Hodgeheg. Will Max stop wuddling his mords? Will Max […]

Staying Fit, Healthy and Active!

Hi all, After speaking to my year 6’s, many have told me they are using the Joe Wick’s P.E videos, which is brilliant.   It is so important to stay fit and healthy during this period for so many reasons.  When we exercise, it not only gets our hearts racing, pumps blood and oxygen round […]

Year 2 shapes: what’s symmetry?

  Enjoy the video, watch it at least two times!   Then do the worksheet, click here >>> 2D and 3D shapes   For more information on symmetry, just google the word ‘symmetry’ and look at all of the images. This might help you!

Science: Animals and their babies

Animals and their babies <<< Click over here to see lots of pictures of animals and their offspring (babies).   Animals and their babies activity <<< Click over here for a task to do at home.     Hello Yellows!   On Saturday I went for my daily walk. I’m lucky that I’m currently in […]

Bake with Miss. S!

Hello West Green Families! Have a look at the video I made! I spent the morning making some delicious chocolate chip cookies and I thought I would share my recipe with you. Click here see it:   Have you been doing any cooking or baking? Share your recipes with me by commenting below or sending […]

Instructions for next week

Who is the greatest explorer?   Hello once again yellow class!   Please click on the big question above. It will send you to an important activity I want you all to complete at home. Please send any finished work by next Friday at 12 noon to and I will give you a personal […]

TimesTables RockStars!

Hello West Green! I’ve got your usernames and passwords for Timestables Rockstars here! It’s really easy to use and a great way to practice at home. You’ll all come back to school timestables rockstars for sure! How do you get started? It’s easy! Go to: Look for the word Login – choose Students  You’ll need our school […]

Who is the greatest explorer of all time?

Dear Yellow Class, I hope you’ve managed to start some learning at home! Well done to those children who are completing their MyMaths – I’m aiming to send a message back to everyone who completes their work. Well done if you’ve been reading any of the books you’ve brought home, or if you’ve been playing […]

Measuring Length in Maths

Yellow Class had fun measuring each other’s body parts last week! We used measuring tape to help us accurately measure lengths over 1 metre (100 centimetres). Our results showed that most of the time, taller children had a longer arm span. They also had a longer hand span and longer feet. However this was not […]

A trip to the seaside

On Thursday 13th June, Yellow Class braved the wild weather of the week to enjoy a traditional trip to the seaside! Check back here soon to see some more pictures.  

Do We Get Faster…

Do children get faster as they get older?First children put the stages of a human life in order on a timeline. We discussed what changes to our bodies at each stage.

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