Year Six Reading Activity – 01/05/20

Morning guys,

First of all, massive congrats to Allana and Adrian for winning the poetry competition!  If you haven’t read them yet, I suggest you look up Jenny’s blog post and check them out.

Second, well done to those of you that have really responded to the phone calls – people like Ivan, who are now completely their MyMaths – everyone can do it!  Also, it is wonderful to be able to receive work from you all directly, remember you can email me anytime to:


Reading task:

I don’t know if you have noticed since the lock down began how varied the weather has been – cold, to hot, sunny, then hail, then rain, sun again and rainbows! It feels like we have experienced all the seasons in the last few weeks.  Please read the poem below, it really captures the characteristics and atmosphere of the different seasons. Once you read it, have a go at the questions below and if possible send your answers to me at

If you click on the poem it should become larger to read.



  1. Which of the five senses is not mentioned in the poem? 
  2. Can you explain the structure of the poem? 
  3. Why might the poet have chosen the word ‘flare’ when describing the autumn poppies? 
  4. In verse three, why do you think the word ‘ageing’ is used? 
  5. What do you think the word ‘blustery’ means? 
  6. Why might ears appear red and what would make them tingle? 
  7. Extension – On a separate piece of paper draw a picture to show one of the seasons, using information from the poem. 

Remember to provide evidence from the text when you can. 


Good luck,

Mr Spours



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