Year Six – Maths for the Week and More!

Good Morning Year Six,


As always, I hope you’re all well, safe and working hard at home.  Must start with some more shouts outs, its been a fantastic week for some of you.  A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Adrian, Allana and Shahd, who have not only completed their MyMaths but also sent me work for geography and reading !!

I also have some MyMaths congrats – Rami, Ian, Vanessa, Rayyan, Julio, Lia, Nuno, Ivan and Victoria.  I also want to give a shout out to Raami who has completed all his packs I sent him home with.  This has been our best week for online work and other work at home – it makes me very happy!  Keep it up!


Purple Mash –  I am really excited to hear how you’re getting on with Purple Mash? Please put some comments below if you’ve been on. What is it like?  Are you enjoying it/having any problems?


MyMaths –

First task – Fractions, Decimals and Percentages –  remember when we want to convert a fraction to a percentage we want to convert the denominator to 100 and must makes sure we treat the numerator the same.  e.g 4/10   x10  = 40/100.

Another method is to divide the numerator by the denominator using the bus shelter.  Eg. 2/5  =   2.00 divided by 5.


Second task – I think you may find this a challenge as its been a while but its basically calculating percentages.  Remember we have two methods.  E.g 45% of 120:        120 x .45 as a long multiplication sum.

Or you can find 10% by dividing 120 by 10.  x that by 4 to get 40%.  Then find 5% of 120 and add that on.


Finally, we have the new writing competition!!!!  Please read the post, it gives you some guidance and help.  If you want to send me your work for me to check, I can then send it back for you to make final changes before submitting it.


I hope you have a brilliant week,

Mr Spours

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