Year Six – Maths for the Week 27-04-20


Good Morning Year Six,

I hope you had the best weekend possible in the current circumstances, enjoying the weather a little, helping out your wonderful families and hopefully reading a nice book!


First of all I wanted to offer a huge congratulations to Rumen and Allana for successfully cracking my maths puzzle of the week.  If you still haven’t had a go, please check it out – just avoid the comments at the bottom where they have answered it.  Also, look out for a new puzzle this week!


Another huge MyMaths shout out to Ian, Rayyan, Adrian, Julio, Shahd, Victoria and Ivan for completing their work this week.  This number is still painfully low guys, its not the Easter holidays anymore, this work is an minimal expectation.  I shall be making calls again this week and part of that will be asking why you are not logging in to MyMaths, there is still time!!



Task 1 – A recap on place value, which you should all be comfortable with.  The only area I think some of you may struggle is find a number in between two other numbers.  E.g what is a number between 4.5 and 4.6, remember that you can use another place value column, in this case the hundredths column – 4.51 or 4.52, 4.53 etc.


Task 2 – Very Big Numbers – this is a real chance for you to show off using numbers in the millions, tens of millions and hundreds of millions.  Remember, it doesn’t matter the size of the number, the rules don’t change, so just make sure you work neatly, line numbers up in their place value columns and work through carefully.


Task 3 – Order of Operations – I know lots you enjoy this work – BIDMAS!!!


Good luck everyone, it is never too late to start participating, I have attached all our previous blogs below.  I look forward to speaking to people on the phone again this week.  If you haven’t been logging on, do so now so when I will see it before I call!

Also, look out for some geography work in coming this week .



Missing you all,

Mr Spours


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