Year Six Maths for the Week – 11/05/20

Morning Year Six,


I hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend with your families, it’s so cold this morning after the lovely weather!


Anyway, lets start off with the positives – BIG SHOUT OUT to Allana, Adrian, Shahd and Ivan for completing their MyMaths.  Really proud of you guys.

I am very disappointed overall though, as only 4 completing it – down from 12 the previous week.  I will be continuing calls home today to ask why this isn’t being completed.


New Tasks for the Week:

Task 1 – Enlarging shapes – you were very good at this when we did it in school but that was a while a go.  Just remember the scale of enlargement is the size by which the sides have got bigger.  Count them carefully.


Task 2 – Converting measures – this is a recap task – please spend some time familiarising yourself with the conversion rates e.g 10mm in 1cm .  Then you will know if you have to multiply or divide by 10, 100 and 1000 to convert.


I hope you’re all enjoying purple mash now, there seems to lots of options for home learning that are very helpful.  Also, I am very excited to read the entries to the new writing competition – remember you still have time to submit that to

Finally, keep an eye out for a new maths puzzle this week!


Good luck,

Mr Spours

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