Year 6 – Writing for the Day – 24/06/20

Hi Everyone,


Just like with all our writing pieces, its important you understand the genre and the features.  Hopefully the Powerpoint makes sense and you can use the example to identify the key language and genre features.


Letter to my future self lesson 3 genre exploration

year 6 letter example


Here is a checklist for you to use against the example:

  • the sender’s address?
  • the address of the recipient?
  • the greeting ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ if you dont know the recipient
    or ‘Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss (surname) If you know the recipient?
  • an introduction?
  • formal sentence starters such as ‘I am writing to inform you’
    or ‘I would like to express’?
  • details organised into paragraphs?
  • a conclusion saying what needs to happen next?
  • ‘yours faithfully’ if you don’t know the recipient or ‘Yours
    sincerely’ if you do know the recipient when you have
    finished the letter?
  • your name at the end?

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