Year 6 – Reading for the Day – 18/06/20

Morning Guys,


Here is today’s chapter and questions.  Massive well done to Allana and Adrian for sending me all the of the daily work so far!!!

Keep it up!

LO:  To answer a range of questions in relation to the text


Success criteria:

  1. I can underline the key words in the question.
  2. I can identify the key information in the text.
  3. I can answer the question using evidence when required.


 Chapter 7 Questions:

  1. What do you think Auggie is describing when he says ‘Then that thing happened that I’ve seen a million times before?’ Remember to explain your answer fully.
  2. What time does Mrs Garcia start school each day?
  3. What mistake did Auggie’s mum make when looking at the walls?
  4. Why do you think Mrs Garcia was happy that she had made that mistake?  Use evidence to make your point.

What made Auggie realise how nervous his mum was?


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