Year 6 – Reading for the Day – 17/06/20

Hi All,


Here is the new chapter and questions for today!


LO:  To answer a range of questions in relation to the text


Success criteria:

  1. I can underline the key words in the question.
  2. I can identify the key information in the text.
  3. I can answer the question using evidence when required.


 Chapter 6 Questions:

  1. Why do you think the principle knelt down to talk to Auggie when they first met?
  2. Why do you think the idea of the tour is so daunting for Auggie, please give three reasons and explain them fully.
  3.  Make a prediction about what you think might happen in the next chapter.  Remember, predictions are logical and realistic, based on what already now.  Remember to explain your thoughts in detail.  


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