Year 6 – Reading for the Day – 1/07/20


Here is the new chapter and questions for the day.

LO:  To answer a range of questions in relation to the text


Success criteria:

  1. I can underline the key words in the question.
  2. I can identify the key information in the text.
  3. I can answer the question using evidence when required.


 Chapter 14- Locks


  • What is Auggie’s strategy if he thinks people are staring at him?
  • What sign does Julien give that again shows he is not being friendly to Auggie?
  • How Auggie felt when Jack sat next to him?
  • What did Henry do to make Auggie feel even more unwelcome?
  • Auggie was surprised with the way his teacher looked compared to what he imagined. True or false?  Remember to make a point, explain it and give some evidence.

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