Year 6 Maths for the Week! 20/04/20

Hi Guys,

With the lock down continuing I am going to try and give you some more guidance for the expectations for the week.  As I said to many of you on the phone, this is school time now and the work is an expectation, its crucial that you’re still learning and recapping over this time.  PLEASE DEVOTE SOME TIME EACH DAY FOR YOUR STUDIES.


Maths this week –

Task 1 – MyMaths –  Negative numbers in context.  Please read the word problems carefully and remember that usual written methods like the column method do not work.  You must either create a number line with zero in the middle to calcu;late from positive to negative or vice versa.  Or you can use the strategy I taught you of calculating to zero then a second calculation from there.  E.g  16 – 24 –  I know that from positive 16 I need to minus 16 to get to zero.   From there I know i have 8 left to minus, which will then take me to -8.


Task 2 – MyMaths – Rounding numbers.

Just remember our key strategy – find the column that you’re rounding to – look to the digit to the right – ‘5 or more raise the floor, 4 or less let it rest.’     E.g 543 rounding to the nearest 100.  The 5 is in the hundreds column – the important digit to the right is the 4 in the tens column.  4 or less let it rest, which means we round down to 500.


Task 3 – MyMaths – I’ve inserted an arithematic test for you to complete by Friday.


I love seeing those that are regularly completing their work – BIG SHOUTS OUT to Vanessa, Yusra, Allana, Rayyan, Victoria and Shahd who completed last weeks task!!  You’re brilliant!!

Obviously, its great if you’re still using the physical packs I gave you but this is a much better way for us to interact.  The rest of you need to step up the effort please!  Please leave a comment if you’re stuck, need some help or just want to say hi!

Good luck everyone,

Mr Spours

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