Year 6 – Maths For The Day – 11/06/20

Hay guys,

I have attached the maths questions we will be focusing on today. Remember to pick the colour that best suits you. If you’re struggling to remember the method, look at the example at the top or look up the method in your revision books.

If you’re still stuck, try using the internet to look up the methods such as bbc bitesize or mathsisfun website.

And remember, the answers are included but no peaking until you are done!


  • Adrian says:

    Oh, Sir. When I emailed my maths work to you, it came out weird on the phone when you emailed back. I was wondering if you understood it, because I was trying to make it go in the same format of the questions

    • Adrian says:

      From now, I will put it so that the answers are under each other okay. So that it comes out easier to understand.

    • Will Spours says:

      I understood it, don’t worry too much about the format being perfect. You’re doing fantastically well completing the work as you are. More coming today!

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