Year 5 & 6 Poetry Competition

Hello all!


It is competition time again. First of all, I feel I should offer huge congratulations to Yi-Sheng for winning the funny story competition and bringing glory to our class. This does mean that year 6 will be really wanting to win the next competition and so we should redouble our efforts.


This time we shall be writing a structured poem. It can have any rhyming structure and be about anything that you want. Once again you should email your entries to and the rules are as follows:

  • All entries must be emailed to
  • Must be sent by Tuesday 28th of April
  • Winner will be announced on Wednesday the 29th by Jenny!
  • It must be at least two verses long
  • It must rhyme and have one example of repetition
  • It can have any rhyming scheme that you choose
  • Other features you can use to bring it to life – alliteration, personification and onomatopoeia.
  • Remember, its very difficult to overuse description – you want the reader to escape and see what you see.


Here is an example that we actually read as a class. As you can see, the stanzas are short but it has a clear ABCB rhyming structure and a nice rhythm.


A  In the Arctic summer
B  the cloud-grey fox
C  listens for prey
B  in the low shrubs and rocks


grizzled and still
as the permafrost ground
his senses vivid
with scent and sound


when lemmings are hidden
under the snow
the wild geese are flown
and biting winds blow


a horizon-less white
shrouds the Arctic fox
in clouds of snow fur
from tail-tip to socks


he haunts frozen sea
as thin as the air
hoping for scraps
missed by polar bear


or curls in his tail
from the star-cold white
chewing on hunger
through long Arctic night


and waits for spring sun
and pale Arctic day
to melt tundra snow
and his white coat away



I feel that I should also say that this is set class work and so I expect to see a poem from everyone! We got too few entries last time which was a shame. You showed with your Invictus poems that you are all fantastic poets and so I very much look forward to seeing your work!


Speak to you all soon,



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