Year 3&4 Superpower Story Competition

Hello wonderful Years 3 and 4 🙂


It is time for the next writing competition!


For this competition we would like you to write a story about you helping someone with your superpower!


You must:


Choose a superpower of your choice (speed, teleportation, flying, mind-reading, shape-shifting etc.)

Think about how you would help someone in need or danger using your superpower.


Include these to make your story engaging:


Beginning, middle and an end

A problem and a resolution

Powerful adjectives and adverbs

Prepositions and fronted adverbials


Deadline: Wednesday 29th April 2020

Prize: A book of your choice

Judge: Jenny

Submissions: via email at


Good luck to you all. We cannot wait to read your spectacular superpower stories!


  • Sophia says:

    Herdi may have some ideas and skills but they can’t beat my sister’s.She won the Spring Poetry Competition so I am very confident she will win again!

    • Adrien Schellingerhoud says:

      I’m sure that Herdi will write an amazing poem!

      I love how active you have been on the website Sophia. I can see you are making really great use of it! Do make sure you are being kind though! Hope you are well and keeping busy at home. It’s nice to see you arranging Timestables Rockstars times! – Miss. S

  • Sophia says:

    Note:Some of the characters are made up.

    Characters;Mandy,Mandy’s BFF (Yasmin),The Wonder Wolf,Mum (Connie),Dad (Cristopher),Big sister (Nevada),Bullies (Malaysia,Indonesia,India,Anastasia and Drusilla),Cassidy the Catastrophe Cougar,Tyrone (the popular boy)and Ms Trina (Year 3 A teacher)

    It was a nice morning at school,or was it?Mandy was busy getting bullied by her worst enemy,Malaysia,whilst writing a story called the Wonder Wolf.

    Malaysia: (smirking and mocking)What are you writing in your notebook,Mandy (leans over Mandy’s shoulder to see what Mandy’s written)?Wonder Wolf?

    Indonesia,India,Anastasia and Drusilla giggle and taunt quietly at Mandy with eachother.

    Indonesia: (smirking and sneering)Call that being so boring!

    Mandy sighed.Oh how she wished that she could soar in the air like an eagle,be invisible like a ghost or do a karate kick like her karate teacher Sensei Pitch Perfect.She at least wanted to meet a superhero with awesome superpowers and be a sidekick.Unfortunately,she couldn’t do any of those things in real life.Sensei’s kicks were so perfect,ghosts didn’t exist and she didn’t have a pair of wings.Then,something totally embarrassing happened at the worst time.

    Malaysia: (steals Mandy’s indigo feather pen and rainbow notebook and reads out the story to the whole class)”The Wonder Wolf zoomed past Cassidy the Catastrophe Cougar and taking a huge leap,she managed to save Princess Leona from a life threatening trauma”!What is this?!Even I could write an even better story than you,Mandy!

    Indonesia; (moving her head to the left and the right and saying a fact in a voice that persuades people to listen)Fun fact!Once,a child in my older sister’s class wrote a story that was so bad that the teacher tore it to pieces!You don’t want that to happen,do you?

    Malaysia;I bet she does.She’ll realise that she such a rubbish author that none of her stories will be sold across the UK!

    The whole class laugh at Mandy and shout terribly rude things.

    Tyrone: (shouting uncontrollably at Mandy)Look at you,geek!Nobody likes you anymore because you only care about writing boring stories!

    Whole class:Geek!Geek!Geek!Geek!

    Ms Trina: (shouting at the whole class just as Mandy runs out of the classroom to cry)Year 3 A!What terrible and unexceptable behavior from you all,especially you,Malaysia!You know what,go sit in the naughty corner for the rest of the day!There will be no lunch,no play,no fun for the rest of the of the day!Now,I’m going to find Mandy.You should all be finishing the ten tasks that I set you before class social time.When you are done,you should be practicing all the times tables and there will be silence (slams the door and everyone does spelling tasks).

    Malaysia: (rolling her eyes)Yeah,whatever!

    Tyrone:What do you mean “yeah,whatever”?You got us all in trouble for teasing Mandy!

    Malaysia:You got us all in trouble for shouting out “look at you geek”!

    Tyrone: (feeling guilty)Oh.

    Ms Trina goes into the girls’ toilets and stands outside the cubicle Mandy was in.

    Ms Trina:Mandy,you do know that no one meant to tease you.

    Mandy: (mimicking Ms Trina)You do know that no one meant to tease you.Think again,Ms.Everyone was teasing me and you didn’t say anything!

    Ms Trina:I did say something!

    Mandy:What did you say?

    To be continued…

  • Yasmin says:

    Here’s some more of THE WONDER WOLF…

    Ms Trina:I told the whole class that there will no fun,no breaks and no lunch.I even put Malaysia into immense trouble.

    Mandy:What does immense mean?

    Ms Trina:It basically means big,huge,enormous,giant…

    Mandy:Ok,Ms.I get the point.Just on a separate note,did you punish Indonesia as much as you did for Malaysia?

    Ms Trina:No.

    Mandy: (feeling furious)What do you mean “no”?You literally saw that Indonesia was bullying me as much as Malaysia!You know what?You are a worthless,useless,helpless teacher who expects me to be proud of you for punishing only one bully!India,Drusilla and Anastasia were laughing at me and telling secrets and guess who you punish?Malaysia!Only Malaysia!I don’t want so see your face ever again and you shall never come back in the future!

    Ms Trina: (feeling guilty and broke)Your wish is my command (leaving the girls’ toilets and slamming the door).

    Mandy felt like as if she was a villain.The way she talked to her teacher like that was so rude,so selfish,so cruel.She lost her temper and just couldn’t control herself.She felt so guilty and that wasn’t the only problem.Ms Trina was leaving the school in about a week and everybody loved her so much.Oh how she let her class down.

    Ms Trina:I’m leaving on Friday.

    Malaysia:You’re what?!

    Ms Trina:I’m leaving in about four days because Mandy obviously doesn’t like me anymore.After all,I might actually be a rubbish teacher.

    India:Don’t be too hard on yourself.It’s not your fault that you have to leave.

    Anastasia:I think you are an amazing teacher,Ms Trina.You taught us everything we needed to know.

    Drusilla:Yeah,you don’t always have to be perfect for someone in particular.You are really kind and the perfect people will; suffer the most in the future.

    Malaysia and Indonesia: (feeling annoyed)Enough with the inspirational messages,Drusilla!

    The next day,a new girl arrives into class and is then introduced to everyone.

    Ms Trina:Class,this is the new girl called Yasmin.She has been to taekwondo class and hasn’t been able to go to school because of this.This is the first time she gone to school in years so I’d like you to make good friends with her.

    Tyrone: (competitively)Hey,you!Here’s a bet!

    Yasmin:Name it.

    Tyrone:At break,we have a big taekwondo contest to see who’s so strong!You’re obviously going to lose.I’ve had three years experience.

    Yasmin:I’ve had six.

    Ms Trina:Guys,let’s settle down here and be calm.

    Yasmin:Nah.There is no way that he’ll win and I have to prove it.

    Ms Trina:Ok.Yasmin,sit down next to Mandy and let’s start with maths.

    Malaysia looks at Yasmin and whispers to Indonesia some rude things.

    Malaysia: (whispers)There is something odd about that girl and we need to find out what that is.

    Indonesia nods at Malaysia and then looks at Yasmin with a small smirk on her face.

    To be continued…

  • Yasmin says:

    Here is part 3 of THE WONDER WOLF

    At break time,Tyrone ran up to Mandy and apologised apologetically.

    Tyrone: (quickly and apologetically)Hey,Mandy!I’m so sorry for shouting mean things in your face!I just didn’t know what to do!

    Mandy:Its ok Ty.I just want to know…(louder,ruder and more ferocious)WHY ON EARTH DID YOU DO IT?!

    Tyrone:Oh,it’s just that..



    Mandy:NO BUTS!!!Forget it.I’m never…

    Yasmin:What on earth is going on?!

    Mandy:Tyrone started it!

    Tyrone:No, you started it!

    Yasmin got so fed up that she turned into the Wonder Wolf.

    She kicked her two legs and frightened Mandy and Tyrone fell onto the ground.

    Mandy stood up and was so amazed because of how strong Yasmin was.

    Mandy:Wow,I didn’t know you were so strong.

    Yasmin: Thanks.But can we plan for a sleepover tonight?


    Tyrone was absolutely mad that he ran away.

    He sat beneath the class table and he cried.


    Mandy:Nevada,you sleep there,Yasmin you sleep there and I sleep…

    Nevada:No offence but is this sleepover for little kids?

    Mandy’s mum:Come on Nevada,you can use this time to get along with Yasmin.

    Nevada:The only people I get along with is Mia,Bonnie and Josephine,Mum!

    Mandy’s mum:Calm down.

    They all slept above the mattress.

    But Yasmin saw the full moon shining.

    Yasmin:Mandy,wake up!


    Yasmin:Come outside!


    They went out and something splendid happened to Yasmin!

    She turned into a wolf and howled at the full moon.

    Her eyes turned yellow.

    Mandy:WOW!You are amazing

    THE END!

  • Yasmin says:

    Sorry,I can’t send it to the email

  • Yasmin says:

    I don’t want a charachter in my story called Cassidy the cougar

  • Davmie says:

    Hello Miss Kiran, Herdi did his story but he did the shorter version

    • Esma Kiran says:

      Hello Davmie! 🙂
      I have his story and have read through it! I can see that he has put in a lot of effort into his work!
      I will be forwarding it to Jenny with all the other stories.
      Well done and good luck to all children who have entered the competition.

  • Sophia says:

    Hi Davmie.I saw your comment yesterday.How is Herdi doing with his story?

  • Yasmin says:

    Davmie,my story was long and I wanted to do it.I split my story so you don’t lose your voice.No one even wants to lose their voice!

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