Year 2 shapes: what’s symmetry?


Enjoy the video, watch it at least two times!


Then do the worksheet, click here >>> 2D and 3D shapes


For more information on symmetry, just google the word ‘symmetry’ and look at all of the images. This might help you!


  • Yi-Xuan says:

    Thank you sir.
    All best!

    • Mr Morgan says:

      1 comment = 1 merit!

      Did you figure out how many lines of symmetry there are in a circle? Clue: it’s a bit of a trick question…

      • Safiyyah says:

        There are infinite lines of symmetry are in a circle.

        • Mr Morgan says:

          Correct! 1 merit added. Infinite is a hard word to define. There isn’t a number big enough, the number just goes on forever and ever!

          It doesn’t matter where you draw your straight line through the middle of your circle, both sides will be symmetrical.

  • Vihansa says:

    Mr.Morgan, Thank you for the video. I drew a circle and cut it. I tried to find how many symmetry lines by folding my paper circle but it never ends.

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