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It’s a new episode of Through the Dragon’s Eye! This is the fifth episode of the series. I hope you have seen the previous episodes. If you look at last Friday’s blog post, you can find a link to all of the previous episodes if you need to watch from episode one.


Watch the episode first and then complete the writing task. A little warning – some of you might find this episode a little bit scary. If you think you might be easily scared, watch with your parent or carer.



I think you know who the scary character is! 


Your task is to write a character description of the evil Charn. He’s the villain of the story and has already turned Doris into a purple blob!


Looking back at Through The Dragon's Eye | Den of Geek


When writing a character description, you need to use lots of expanded noun phrases to describe all of his features. We have written a character description before. If you think back to September, you made your own beasts and then described the beast you had drawn.


Think about Charn’s head. How could you describe it? Tell someone in your house (like a talk partner).

An expanded noun phrase: A terrifying head with a pointy skull.


Now think about Charn’s fingers. How would you describe them? What can they do? Tell your talk partner.

What might your expanded noun phrase be? Use at least one adjective before the noun.


What about Charn’s voice?


Finally, think about Charn’s clothing. What does he wear?


You will also need to describe his personality. What type of words could you use to describe his behaviour?


Now write down all of these ideas and use it to help you complete your writing task.






You have two choices. If you are feeling clever, I want you to try and write one full page.


However, I will accept people completing their description of Charn on this worksheet. It needs to be emailed to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com and if you do this you will win at least one merit.


The worksheet below is helpful to everybody though, as it contains a word bank of adjectives you might use to describe Charn.


Character Description




Comments Challenge


Who can make the best simile? A simile is when you write something is like something else.


For example… Gorwen’s tail is long like a slithering snake.


Or you can use the word as.


For example… Rodey is as small as a fish finger.


Come up with your own simile for Charn. It could be…


Charn is as scary as…            Charn’s fingers look like…            Charn is as evil as…              Charn’s bones are as smelly as…


You can write as many similes as you want!

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