Y2 Writing Task: Brum goes to the seaside

Hello Yellow Class! This week I’d like you to write a diary entry. You’ve done this before…


  1. We pretended to be The Lonely Beast taking a tour of Tottenham.
  2. We pretended to be Amelia Earhart on her journey around the world before she sadly died.


This time I want you to pretend to be Brum!


Brum is a children’s TV character from quite a long time ago. You need to watch the TV show and then write a diary pretending to be Brum, writing about everything that happened to him and everything he saw during the day.



LO: To write a diary entry about Brum’s day.


Success Criteria

I can write in the first person to pretend to be Brum. (I, my, we)

I can write in the past tense.

I can use time connectives (First, then, next, after that, soon, finally)

I can use interesting adjectives to describe nouns.



I also want you to try to use some of these conjunctions. Only use one in each sentence.


List of conjunctions for KS2 - Primary Resources



Here’s some more helpful hints…


helpful hints diary entry



Here’s a template for you to print out if you’d like to use it…





Word mats for spelling!







I will post some fun seaside activities on Thursday. Please try and complete this task by the end of the week.


Comments Challenge – Finish the sentence.


My favourite part of the video was…


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