Y2 Video Lesson: Volume and Capacity

LO: To know the meaning of capacity and volume


Star Words



Capacity – the maximum amount an object can hold.


Volume – the amount of space taken up by the solid or liquid.


Thousand – 1000 – a greater value than hundreds, tens and ones.


Millilitre (ml) – the measurement used for smaller volumes and capacities.


Litre (L) – equal to 1000mls, used for greater volumes and capacities.



Press play!





What do you think the answer will be? Press play on the video below.






An activity for you to print / email to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com



There are 3 levels of difficulty. Click on the down arrow in the bottom left corner. The last page has the answers, don’t copy them, that’s not learning!



cap and vol y2





Questions for you to answer in the comments



  1. If I know that half of 100 is 50, a quarter of 100 is 25, and three quarters of 100 is 75, then fill in the missing numbers on this number line.
  2. If I know that 1 litre is equal to 1000 millilitres, then I know 2 litres is equal to?
  3. What would half a litre be equal to in millilitres?
  4. What would 7000 millilitres be equal to in litres?
  5. I buy a 2 litre bottle of Irn Bru. I give my brother 500ml. How much Irn Bru do I have left?




There’s a lot for you to do now, so I won’t post anything new until Thursday!


Good luck,


Mr Morgan


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