Y2 TTDE: Episode Eight


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There are three episodes to go! What will happen today as Gorwen meets Charn? Watch the video and then complete the activity below.







Each episode of the series ends with a cliffhanger. A cliffhanger is used in order to make you feel excited about watching the next episode. There is always a problem at the end of each episode that needs to be solved in the next one. This is the cliffhanger.


The word cliffhanger comes from the idea of someone hanging onto the edge of a cliff. Will they fall or will they survive?


Funny 2D Animated Film 'Cliffhanger' (2013) - YouTube


Sometimes movies can end on a cliffhanger too. In a famous movie called ‘The Italian Job’, the final scene is this…


Cliffhanger coach from The Italian Job ends its days in Fife | The ...


… and you are left having to decide what happens next!




Your Task



What will happen next? Create a cliffhanger. Draw it and write it. You could do this on the sheet below, or using your own piece of paper.


cliffhanger activity




Comments Challenge


Do you think that Boris, Scott, Amanda and Rodey will be able to find the last veeton without the veetarod? Explain your answer.

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