Y2 Thursday Seaside Fun! 4

Hello Yellow Class! It’s time for this week’s fun at the seaside! The weather isn’t always sunny you know…


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In the last three weeks we have watched videos with lovely background music from different parts of the UK coast. The coast is where the land meets the sea. There are lots of cliffs made from rock which has been pushed up from below the Earth, or there are beaches where the land is low.


We’ve seen coast from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so far. However the biggest country in the UK is England, and there is lots of beautiful coast to explore. This week I have a short video from the North East of the Yorkshire coast. One of the towns here is called Scarborough. What do you notice that is different here compared to some of the other places?



Tell me about the differences between this video and the others in the comments.




Fun activity – Photos!


This activity will help you learn about how life is different by the coast compared to the city. There are two pages, make sure you click on the down arrow in the bottom left corner of the sheet to get to the second photo and the second set of questions. Print the sheets off or answer the questions in an email to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com


Comparing Aerial Photos v3




Comments Challenge


Remember to tell me what you found different about the video from the Yorkshire coast. 


Bonus question – what living things would you be able to find near the seaside in the UK, that you couldn’t find in the city near West Green?


  • kianosh says:

    I live in the North

  • Aaron says:

    There was lots of boats, and lots of houses near the beach.
    Lots of high cliffs.
    There was a town in the video, close to the beach.
    By the seaside we can find lots of variety of seabirds nesting on the cliffs, lots of shelled animals like mussels.
    Thank you.

  • Safiyyah says:

    There weren’t houses in the other videos but there are in the Scaborough one. The differences are castles,museums and theatres.
    There are: Sea animals, sea plants and corals.

  • Vihansa says:

    Beautiful Beach. This may be fishing town, Not as quite as others because there are lots of houses , museums, theatres and shops. There are sea creatures including sea animals, plants.

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