Y2 Science: Keeping Healthy

Hello Year 2, your next science lesson is below!


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How do humans stay healthy?


So far in this topic, we’ve learned about animals and their babies. They often look very similar. Babies grow and one day become adults. The longer your bones grow and the stronger your muscles become, the faster you are. Except when you become elderly, your muscles get weaker so you begin to slow down.

*An adult is able to reproduce. This means they can make babies.

*Elderly people will go grey and their skin becomes wrinkly.

*One way humans stay healthy is by exercising. This makes our heart muscle stronger, so it can do its job of pumping blood around the body better.


How else can humans stay healthy? Watch this video.



This video and more learning can be found following this link:



I want you to click on the link and learn about the different food types. You can listen to information about each food.


Tell me what you’ve learned from the BBC Bitesize lesson in the comments!




Your activity: Design a wash your hands poster for the school.


Using a blank piece of paper, be artistic but also make sure you write important information to tell children at West Green to wash their hands.


You also need to write why it’s important to wash your hands. If you’re not sure why it’s important, make sure you watch the video again!




Remember To Wash Your Hands Posters For Schools | Brainwaves  Posters | Handwashing | CDC

Handwashing For Kids: children, germs, hands, handwahing, health ...    Year 2 Blog Week 11 – Pope Paul Primary


If your design is tremendous, maybe Mary or Jenny will decide to copy it lots of times and stick it up around the school? 


Send your posters to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com


Good luck! 


Mr Morgan


  • Dila says:

    Hello Mr Morgan
    Today I have learnt that everyone should try to eat a mixture of different foods, exercise, get a good sleep and stay clean. They shouldn’t just eat sweet things, take no exercise, not sleep or forget to wash their hands before meals.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Hi Dila!

      Well done for watching the video and learning about how humans stay healthy! I hope you can make a poster and send it to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com

      Eating too many sweet things will make our teeth rot and we will gain too much weight, which wouldn’t be good for your heart. Keep up the good work!

  • Vihansa says:

    Hello Mr Morgan, I really enjoyed the video and answered all 5 questions.
    I have learnt ”how can we stay healthy”??
    1. Eating a balance diet and drink lot of water.
    You need to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    You shouldn’t eat lots of sweet things and fatty food. That can make feel ill and sick.
    We have to eat lots of different types of food.
    By eating different types of food, your body will fight with illnesses, keep your body strong and keep your bones healthy.

    2. You need to get a good sleep and rest your self. By doing that, after a very tired day, you can recover better.
    3. Doing regular exercises. By doing this your body will get stronger and fit.
    4. Keep your self clean.
    Washing hands before eat, will kill all the germs you have on your hands.
    Having a shower end of the day.
    Keep your house and garden clean.


    • Mr Morgan says:

      Number 4 is definitely really important at the moment. Washing your hands regularly with soup will kill all the germs, especially that pesky coronavirus!

      • Vihansa says:

        Everyone in our family are Pescatarians. That means, we don’t eat meat but eat fish. We need to eat lots of other food to raplace meat.

        • Mr Morgan says:

          Very interesting! I didn’t know that, but I have met other people who are pescatarians before.

          • Vihansa says:

            Mr, Morgan, I learnt two of these words when i did my writing. ‘Redevelopment’ and ‘pescatarian’. Can I put these two words to our Magic word box ?

            YES OF COURSE! You can get into the school with Kingsley and put those two words inside. However, I’d put the word ‘develop’ in the magic box, because that is the root word. Mr Morgan 🙂

  • Safiyyah says:

    Hello Mr Morgan,

    I’ve watched the video on Bitesize and learnt:

    1. Being healthy makes you less likely to be sick.
    2. Being healthy may make you live longer.
    3. We need to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit.
    4. You can drink lots of water and do lots of exercise to make your body stronger and fitter.
    5. You need good hygiene which means to wash your hands and to stay clean.
    6. Some germs travel in your skin and some travel in the air.
    7. You need to wash your hands before you eat and after you use the toilet.
    8. You need plenty of sleep so your body recovers and grows.

  • Saule says:

    * you need to drink a lot of water;
    * eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables;
    * eat lots of different types of food;
    * you need to get a good sleep and rest;
    * doing regular exercises makes your body stronger and fit;
    * keep clean everything;

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Which room in your house do you think it’s really important to keep clean? There’s one room where we need to be most careful of our hygiene…

      • Saule says:

        The kichen and bathroom is most important for our hygiene .

        • Mr Morgan says:

          I was thinking about the bathroom becuase of the toilet, but it’s true when we are making food in the kitchen that our hygiene must be perfect! Good answer Saule.

  • Safiyyah says:

    How much of each type of food do we need to eat to stay healthy?

    1. About a third of all the food you eat should be fruit or vegetables
    2. One of your meals each day should contain foods such as meat, fish, eggs, beans or lentils.
    3. Our body needs sugar but not too much.
    4. Fat gives us energy to work and play but we shouldn’t have lots of fats. We can eat foods such as butter, margarine and cooking oil.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Well done for sharing all of that important information about a balanced diet! We do need some sugar, so it’s important we count how much we eat each day. To do this, the food you buy from the shops tells you how many grams of sugar are in its product. That’s quite handy!

  • Adem says:

    Hello Mr Morgan
    I liked the video and I learnt important things how we can stay healthy .
    1- We need to eat fresh fruit like apple ,banana ,orange and fresh vegetables ..
    2-Drink plenty of water all the day that can help your body to not be hydrated .
    3- wash our hands for 20 second minimum before eating ,playing and going to the toilet .
    4- Doing exercises that our body feel very strong .
    5- We need to get a good sleep so we can have a lot of energy all the day .
    6- we need to keep our self clean to be safe from the covid-19 .

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Hi Adem! We need water to keep hydrated. If we are not hydrated, we will feel ill.

      Did you know that the coronavirus isn’t the only germ that can make us sick? There are lots of other horrible germs too. That’s why we’ve always needed good hygiene by washing our hands with warm soapy water.

  • Albino says:

    Hello Mr Morgan I really enjoy the video.1)We need to eat fruit and fresh vegetables. 2)We need to drink a lot of water to be hydrated. 3)We need to keep ourselves clean but the most important things is to wash our hands with soap and water.4)Not to eat too many sweets.5)Exercising as much as we can to be stronger has a good effect on our health.

  • Hi Mr Morgan.
    I found the most important thing to drink plenty off water to stay hydrated.
    It is important to do our exercises as offten as we can.
    Weary important to wash our hands properly as we learnt.
    To stay health we have to eat pleanty off fruits and vegetables.
    We need a good sleep at night so we can weak up with p leanty off energy in the morning’s.
    We need sugar but moderate, not to many sweets. Sugar from fruits is better than sweets.
    When we buying our food we should check the side off the products how much fat sugar salt carbohydrates.
    We have to keep fit so we have a healty and strong heart.
    Important to wash our teth so the sugar dosent rothen our teath.
    We havevto keep a good hygiene with our body, end off the day to have a bath and regularly wash hands.
    Thank you

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Hi Aaron, that’s a lot of typing you’ve done there! Well done.

      Some spelling I’d like to help you with, don’t confuse ‘of’ with ‘off’. The spelling ‘of’ sounds like “ov”. We only use ‘off’ to spell the opposite of on!

      You’ve used some great vocabulary, such as hygiene and hydrated. That’s brilliant! You’ve said we need sugar but ‘moderate’. What does that word mean? Tell me!

  • Adem says:

    Hi Mr Morgan ,
    Sorry I mean drink plenty of water all the day that can help our bodies to not be Dehydration .

  • Adem says:

    – Drink plenty of water can help your body to not be hydrated .

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