Y2 Science + Art: draw your favourite plant

Hello Yellow Class!


I hope you’ve enjoyed your half-term week. It’s not been easy with the stressful pandemic and the horrible news out of America. As we’ve said many times at West Green, in lessons and in Current Affairs assemblies, we need to be tolerant. Everybody is equal, everybody deserves respect.


If you missed my half term walk, you can watch it by clicking the link below. In the video I introduce our new science and geography topics, and I play a word aware game. So I really want you to watch the video, and don’t forget to leave a comment about my beard or the map!


A half term walk with Mr Morgan!



Today it’s time to get learning once again, we’ve got seven more weeks of maths, reading, writing, science, geography and much more to be getting on with! After seven weeks, it will all be over, and you will be in YEAR THREE!


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Science – How do plants grow? – Lesson One


Begin by watching my video.



Now look at some of the different plants I found on my walk.



The pictures show stinging nettles, buttercups, red campion flowers and bluebells. Nettles grow in so many places and it’s not nice when you touch one by accident, because they hurt you! Buttercups are beautiful flowers that look amazing on a bright summer’s day. The red campion are actually pink, which I find unusual! Finally the bluebells in my picture are near the end of their lifecycle. They appear in April, but by the end of May they begin to wilt away. We won’t see them again until April next year.


Which is your favourite plant? It doesn’t have to be one of the plants in my pictures. I want you to become artists and draw your plant, like this…


How TO Draw a plant/draw different parts of plant/plant drawing ...


Using your memory from Year 1, I need you to label the parts, just like this child has done. I also want you to name your plant, don’t just draw an imaginary plant with a pretty flower of any colour! 


Please email your drawings with the labels to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com




Comments Challenge Question – From the video


When Does Consciousness Arise in Human Babies? - Scientific American England player profile: Tyrone Mings


You know how human babies grow up to become adults…


However what about my field of wheat? The wheat plant, what does that look like at the beginning of life? Tell me in the comments!




Please login to Purple Mash and MyMaths where new activities are being set for you this morning. They will all be ready for you before 11 o’clock.


  • Saule says:

    Hello Mr Morgan,
    I think first it looks like a seed then it grows in to a high wheat ;).

    • Mr Morgan says:

      It certainly does Saule. Do you know what a wheat seed looks like? And how does a wheat seed begin to grow?

      • Saule says:

        Wheat is a grain, which belongs to the grass family. A grain is defined as a plant that produces a dry edible seed, which is called a kernel or berry. Wheat produces a seed that is commonly called a kernel. Corn, grain sorghum, rice, oats, and rye are other examples of grains.Each grain or kernel of wheat consists of a wheat plant embryo called a germ. These resources protect and nurture the wheat germ, allowing it to grow out of the soil into a new wheat plant.

  • Vihansa says:

    Good morning Mr Morgan, I really like learning about plants. Wheat plant begins from a seed.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      I’m glad Vihansa! You should enjoy this topic then. Do you know what a wheat seed looks like? And how does a wheat seed begin to grow?

      • Good Morning Mr Morgan.
        The wheat plant when its starts the life circle its a small seed, which is planted in the soil, after only the stem comes out, an makes roots in the ground.
        Needs a good soil, and pleanty off water.
        Thank you.

      • Vihansa says:

        Yes, I drew the life cycle of wheat plant. I will email it to you.

  • Safiyyah says:

    The wheat plant starts as a seed at the beginning of life and then when it has been sown, slowly comes the roots. The stem shoots out and looks like a green shoot.

  • Mr Morgan says:

    Has anyone heard of the word ‘germination’?

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