Y2 Reading: Beaches

Hello Yellows,


Another week of learning is here. What can you do today to start the week?


1. Have you seen episode one of Through the Dragon’s Eye? 


Friday 5th June: Y2 Merits UPDATED


You’ll find the video in this blog post. I will be sharing all ten episodes with you across the term. Mr Morgan and Jenny watched this as a child when they were at primary school! Jenny has sent you a message, make sure you REPLY to her!


2. Purple Mash



Another week of activities have been chosen for you. Login and click ‘2Dos’ to find out what has been set. To login, use your personal MyMaths details. They are the same! You will find the 2nd chapter of our fiction story, along with a quick questions quiz and conjunctions quiz. There is an art task about rock pools, and a PSHCE task where you need to write three wishes for the world today.


3. MyMaths



By the end of Year 2, you need to know your 2x tables, 5x tables and 10x tables. You also need to know the inverse division facts. This week you’ll find questions on the 2x tables and the 10x tables. You need to complete both, scoring over 70% in both, to win two merits.


4. Non-Fiction


Of course you can do MyMaths and Purple Mash later in the week if you’d like. Your task for today is to answer questions from non-fiction. Today’s non-fiction is a fact-file about beaches in the UK. Don’t copy the answers on Page 4! There is text on Pages 1 and 2, and a question sheet on Page 3. To change the page, click on the arrows at the bottom left of the sheet.


Please send your answers to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com


all about beaches




Comments Challenge


First of all, I want you to read what Jenny has written on the blog post from Friday 5th June: Y2 Merits Updated!


I wonder who will win the most merits this week? Will it be someone surprising?


You can win five merits over the week for making comments or replies on the website. On this blog post, I want you to choose your favourite word from the non-fiction text and explain why it is your favourite word from the text. I’ve done an example, scroll below!


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