Y2 RE: How should we live our lives? +Word Search

At West Green Primary School, we learn about religions and faiths from all over the world. We understand how different people worship and we ensure children are aware they can choose to belong in any religious group, and that people all over the world have free choice. We learn to respect people’s choices and we seek to learn more about their beliefs.


BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London



Who remembers our trip to the mandir


This was a great day visiting a special place for Hindu people who live in London. It was built by the Hindu community themselves, a place they feel like they can belong, in order to worship. Remember, they believe that God is inside all of the statues within the mandir. The decorations were beautiful!


As well as learning about where we belong, we’ve learned about some special stories that are inside some special books. Adem and Yasmin brought in a Quran, Vihansa showed us a Bible, and we watched a video showing Jewish people listening to words from the Torah scroll.


torah scroll, yad and kippa - SouthValley.com


We learned that the Torah scroll (above) couldn’t be touched by human hands, so people used a yad to help read it. The kippah is worn on the head of male worshippers. Other people from different religious groups care for their books in other ways. For example, the Quran is often found at the top of a bookshelf, in order to be closer to God. Special books like the Quran or the Bible should never be left on the floor. Would you care for your favourite book in that way?




Our Summer Term RE topic is called:


How should we live our lives?

Multiracial group of different people | Free Vector


This topic wants you to think about these two questions.


What values are important to me?

How can I show them these values in how I live? 


I know lots of you love a word search, so I’ve put some words inside the puzzle that could be the kinds of values that might be important to you.


For example, which of these words would you expect to find in the word search?


kindness        or       meanness    ?


One of these is a value that is important to us all. The other is a value that we should avoid. Every religious group tries to teach kindness in a slightly different way.


So have a look for the word ‘kindness’ in the word search. What other words can you find?



Be careful! There are ten good values in the word search, but there are five values in the word search that we want to avoid!  Only find the ten good values, ignore the rest.



*To print the word search, copy and paste the image into a word document*.





Comments Challenge


When you have found some of the words in the word search, I’d like you to try and define them using your own words. Don’t just copy what google tells you, have a go yourself! I’ve written an example in the comments below. A merit if you do complete a definition!




  • Mr Morgan says:

    Kindness – Trying to make other people happy by caring about their feelings, or by helping them.

  • Hi.
    I only found 7 words:
    Respect- you behaving good to each other.
    Kindness -helping, and beeing nice to everybody.
    Love- when you care for someone.
    Courage- I am fearlees.
    Positivity -you thinking good tought.
    Honesty – always tell the true, dont lie.
    Loyalty – you stick with your friends.
    Thank you.

  • kianosh says:

    me to I found 7 words

  • Safiyyah says:

    I have found 9 of them.
    1) Forgiveness – To forgive someone when they have done bad things to you..
    2) Kindness – To be friendly to people and not be mean…
    3) Love – To like other people.
    4) Respect – Caring about other people’s feelings.
    5) Positivity – To think about good things.
    6) Fairness – To deal with others fairly.
    7) Honesty – To not lie and tell the truth.
    8) Courage – To be brave and not be scared.
    9) Loyalty – To stay with other people and not go away from them.

  • Miss Essor says:

    This was a lovely word search Mr Morgan.

    I found honesty first.

    To me honesty means speaking and telling the truth, even when someone might not like the answer!

    I think especially now, it’s important we are all honest with each other about how we are feeling.

  • Vihansa says:

    Good morning Mr Morgan, I found 9 words yesterday. I found ”fitness” but did’t think it was a value. Sorry.
    1. Love – you like and care someone.
    2. Forgiveness – tolerate something bad, which someone done to you.
    3. Kindness – do not mean.
    4. Honesty – telling the truth and don’t lie.
    5. Loyalty – stick with your friends.
    6.Courage – try your best to achieve something and never give up.
    7. Positivity – Always think about the good side of everything.
    8. Respect – Caring about other’s feelings.
    9. Fairness – treat everyone equally, but the same time, stick with the truth.

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