Y2 PSHCE: Tolerance

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Well done to those of you who have completed the Brum writing task in first person. The video is indeed very funny! It’s a great way to practise your writing skills while learning about the seaside. I’d like everyone to have a go and to try to finish by the end of the week! All of the resources that can help you, including print outs and word mats, are on this blog post.



Y2 Writing Task: Brum goes to the seaside




Today’s blog post is all about tolerance. For this I’d like you to watch this video. It is one of the videos suggested by Ms Ferry in her blog post to red class, but I think it will make sense to you as well.



I’d like you to answer some questions about the video, either in an email to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com, or in the comments.






  1. At the beginning of the story, why does blue feel bad about being blue?
  2. Yellow, green, purple and orange were all nice to blue. So why did they not tell red to stop?
  3. How was ‘one’ different? Explain in as much detail as you can.
  4. How did red feel when blue became brave?
  5. What does blue do at the end to make red feel better?
  6. What does this story teach you about the real world at the moment?




Want more?


Explore Ms Ferry’s blog post for Red Class. There are more videos and resources.


Leave a comment on her blog post to let her know what you thought about the resources and the video.


The Colours of Us


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  • Yi Xuan says:

    1.Red is bullying him.
    2.Because Red was too big.
    3.1 is a number and the rest were colours.
    4.Very small.
    5.He said “Can Red be hot and Blue be cool?”
    6.Everyone need to be kind to each other even though they have different skin colour.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Excellent answers Yi-Xuan! Thank you for watching the video and thinking carefully.

      Question 3 – yes we know ‘one’ is a number, but how was ‘one’ different as a character?

      Question 5 – What blue says is called ‘inclusion’. Have a look on google to see what that word means.

  • Vihansa says:

    Hi Mr Morgan, I really like the video. My answers:
    1. Because Red said Red is hot Blue is not,
    2. Every time, when Red said something mean he got bigger and bigger and BIGGER so the other colours were afraid of Red.
    3. One was in different shapes and he was funny and makes others laugh. Then others felt someone is there to protect them. One was very brave and strong to say ‘No’ to Red. So others felt they have a good leader.
    4. Red felt, to destroy Blue or to put him down.
    5. Without hurting Red’s feelings, Blue showed him self how can he nice to Red.
    6. Whatever the colour we are we need to respect each other.

  • Hi.
    1. Blue was filling bad about himself because red it was picking on him, bullying.
    2. Yellow, green , purple and orange they didn’t tell red to stop, because they was afraid of him, it was bigger, Red it was bulliing everyone. They should told red to stop picking on blue.
    3. One is was different because it stud up against red, it was a different colur and shape. I was brave to tell red to stop. One was a hero,it was funny made everyone lought.
    4. When blue was brave, made red very angry, it fell very small.
    5. Blue made red fill better by becoming friends an equal
    6. Everyone is equal, don’t pick on nobody
    Try to help if you can, never be bad.
    Be kind, don’t laught about somebody else.
    Listen to others.
    Be brave, speak up, stand up for yourself.

    Thank you

    • Mr Morgan says:

      I love how much effort has gone into your answers! We should all help people who are not being treated fairly. If you watch the news today, what people in the world feel like blue did in the story?

      The verb ‘feel’ – check your spelling.

      Present tense spelling – feeling
      Past tense spelling – felt

      Also the verb ‘laugh’

      Past tense spelling – laughed

  • Safiyyah says:

    Very good everyone, I like it

  • Safiyyah says:

    1) Red made Blue feel sad.
    2) They didn’t notice
    3) One is different because one is a smaller number to the other numbers.
    4) Very sad and small..
    5) Everyone counts.
    6) To not bully people and to be kind.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      I like your answer to number 5. Everybody counts – everybody’s life is important.

      Question 2 – The other colours fear red, so they don’t want say that red is making bad choices.

      Question 3 – We know ‘one’ is a number, but how is ‘one’ different as a character?

      I’m glad you liked it Jaffiyah.

  • kianosh says:

    2.they didn t even notice
    3.one is different because one is small than the ther
    4.very upset and feel small
    5.everyone counts
    6.to not bully people is to be kind not be rude don’t hit

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Think about Number 2. The other colours were scared of red and didn’t want to tell red to stop.

      Then ‘one’ came along and showed the colours that you needed to be brave and stop red being mean.

      This teaches us not to be quiet when we see bad behaviour or racism. We need to be brave and we need to work hard to stop it!

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