Y2 Poetry Questions and Rhyming Game

Hello Yellow Class!



I found this poem about the seaside this morning. Read it and then answer some questions. Handwrite your answers and send them to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com



Seaside Rhyming Poem | Teaching Resources



Questions – A mixture of retrieve, interpret and vocabulary


Free ERIC Starters to support Reading Lessons – misswilsonsays                     Interpret – misswilsonsays                        Improve Your Vocabulary | Ginger Software


  1. How are the family travelling to the seaside? 

  2. In the first verse, find and copy one word that tells you someone is shouting.

  3. When the person has sand between their toes, how might they be feeling?

  4. Do the deck chairs belong to the family? Explain how you know.

  5. Why does the last line say ‘crunch, crunch, crunch’?

  6. In the last verse, why might the person be hungry?

  7. Who do you think has written this poem?

  8. At what time of day do you think the family leaves their house?



Remember to send your answers to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com – I would like them handwritten because you haven’t had a writing task this week. 🙂


Finish quickly? Why not make up your own seaside poem? I’d love to read them! 



Comments Challenge


Choose a word that you think has lots of rhyming words and ask your friends to find as many as you can.


Use the sentence starter – “How many words can you find that rhyme with…”


Check out my example in the comments below! I really hope everybody who reads this makes a comment, or replies to someone’s question!


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