Y2 Merits + Competition Results: The Final Blog Post

This is it! Well done to everyone in Year 2 who has worked so hard since we started having to learn from home. I wonder how many merits you have won altogether? You will be given your merits in September. Remember those of you who bring in school work in September that you could not email me will be given their merits in September.


Quiz Answers


If you haven’t tried the quiz yet, have a go before looking at the answers!


The Great Quiz of Year 2


1 – aware, 2 – fire, 3 – to stay safe from birds (predators), 4 – 100, 5 – pike, 6 – Hindu, 7 – Kingsley, 8 – officer, 9 – Grace and Family by Mary Hoffman, 10 – thermometer, 11 – Neil Armstrong, 12 – froze to death, 13 – dissolved, 14 – National Health Service, 15 – lamb, 16 – Titanic, 17 – four, 18 – division, 19 – nobody in Pelamar could read, 20 – you must swim between the flags



You voted on your favourite part of British coastline, and the winners were…


The most beautiful beaches in the UK can be found in… it’s a tie! The Causeway Coast and Cornwall


Home - Visit Causeway Coast & Glens    Porthcurno Beach


Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast and Cornwall in England both received 46 points to come in joint first place. The West of Scotland came 3rd.



The most peaceful beaches in the UK can be found in… Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast!


Home - Visit Causeway Coast & Glens


It’s very clear to me you really enjoyed the North Coast of Northern Ireland. My Irish family will be impressed! The West of Scotland and the South of Wales finished in joint 2nd place, only 1 point behind the winner.



The most fun beaches in the UK can be found in… Brighton and Eastbourne!


Palace of fun - Brighton Palace Pier, Brighton Traveller Reviews ...


I was expecting that result! Brighton and Eastbourne won the vote by 9 points. In 2nd place was the Causeway Coast and in 3rd place was Yorkshire.



Which video had the best music? Well, the best music was… from Scotland!



It was a close vote with the music from Northern Ireland and Yorkshire finishing in joint 2nd place. My favourite song came in last place! I really liked the Brighton and Eastbourne song, but not all of you did. Safiyyah gave it a 5/10. How could you! I do think Scotland has a worthy winner though.



Your Merits for This Week


MyMaths – 2 merits for Melina, Vihansa, Aaron, Safiyyah, Adem, Yi-Xuan and Saule. 1 merit for Josepha, Rehan and Demi.


100% Reading Quizzes  – 2 merits for Saule, Aaron, Safiyyah, Vihansa* and Melina. 1 merit for Yi-Xuan and Kianosh.

*You scored three 100% scores, but the rules for this week meant the maximum merits you could win were two. Well done though!


Purple Mash – 2 merits for Aaron, Yi-Xuan, Vihansa, Melina, Safiyyah, Demi and Saule. 1 merit for Kianosh, Yasmin and Josepha.

A bonus merit for Melina. She did the maths race about ten times!


Comments – 5 merits for Vihansa, Aaron and Safiyyah. 3 merits for Saule and Yi-Xuan. 2 merits for Adem. 1 merit for Kianosh.


Emails with work – 4 merits for Aaron, Saule, Safiyyah and Vihansa. 3 merits for Yi-Xuan. 1 merit for Josepha and Adem.

A bonus merit for Aaron. He sent me so much extra work this week, I had no choice!


I am also awarding 1 merit to everyone I spoke to at the picnic! You were all lovely to speak to. 

Amirah, Aaron, Josepha, Kianosh, Ali, Vihansa, Safiyyah, Melina, Dila, Demi, Asabea, Rehan, Iman, Adem, Yasmin, Nala and Nariyah.


This Week’s Totals – Aaron 17, Vihansa 16, Safiyyah 16, Saule 13, Yi-Xuan 11, Melina 8, Adem 6, Demi 5, Josepha 4, Kianosh 4, Rehan 2, Yasmin 2, Nala 1, Nariyah 1, Amirah 1, Ali 1, Dila 1, Asabea 1, Iman 1



How many merits have you won ALTOGETHER?


205 merits – VIHANSA – Congratulations! Being brave and saying hello at the picnic gave you that 1 extra merit for you to be the winner!

204 merits – AARON – Really Aaron and Vihansa are joint winners. To score over 200 merits is exceptional!

192 merits – SAFIYYAH – Amazing work all spring and summer. You are amazing!

189 merits – SAULE – The early leader ends up finishing in fourth place, but she has been a superstar all the way through. Enjoy Lithuania!

133 merits – MELINA – Well done for doing lots of work Melina. Especially with a baby sister to distract you! Tremendous.

88 merits – ADEM – You kept on improving the longer you were learning from home. That’s loads of merits, be proud of yourself!

80 merits – YI-XUAN – That’s 80 x 1, or 40 x 2, or 20 x 4, or 16 x 5, or 10 x 8. A very good 7th place finish, excellent effort, very well done.

66 merits – KIANOSH – I have been so happy to see you working so hard at home. You have surprised me! 8th place is super.

50 merits – NALA – You started incredibly well but I know things got trickier when Mum had to work. Don’t worry! I’m very proud of you!

43 merits – ALBINO – Squeezing into the top ten, despite no merits in the last two weeks. I look forward to seeing you smile in Year 3!

42 merits – YASMIN – Well done for all that you did Yasmin. If only you’d scored just 1 more merit to be in the top ten!

32 merits – NARIYAH – You also started well but things got trickier once parents had more work to do. Don’t worry! Bring on Year 3.

22 merits – JOSEPHA and ASABEA – Both of you have completed some very nice work. Well done and have a lovely summer.

19 merits – DEMI – Well well well Demi, haven’t you been good! I really loved your leaflet. 19 merits will be yours in September.

12 merits – DILA – Well done for getting into ‘double figures’, which means you have at least 1 ten in your total!

9 merits – EDASU – See you next year! You will learn loads.

5 merits – RAZVAN and REHAN – Hello to Razvan who is in Romania! Hello to Rehan who is in West Green! See you next year.

4 merits – AMIRAH – I know you’ve got some work to show me in September, so I will give you more merits then.

1 merit – IMAN and ALI – I also know you might have some work to show me in September! So I will give you those merits then.



How many merits did you win as one class?


NumberADay: 1424




Want to learn over the summer holidays?


On Monday I will set some extra work for you to complete on MyMaths and Purple Mash for you to do in the holidays if you want to. This will have a deadline of the end of August. There will now be times tables on Purple Mash.


You can also keep quizzing on any book you picked up from the library. Please remember to bring back all of your books in September.


The first day back at school is Monday 7th September. See you then!




And finally… Aaron’s plant videos he wanted to share with you…






Comments Challenge


If you’d like to leave a comment, just tell me one thing you are thankful for!


One thing I am thankful for is…


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