Y2 Merits: Friday 10th July

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There is only one week left! Can you believe that? Next week there will be blogs every day. On Friday 17th July, I will count up the merits for one final time and we shall see how many merits you have won all together. Will it be more than one thousand merits or will it be less than one thousand merits? We will find out next week.


Let’s remember the rules for merits


Comments on the blogs – You can win up to five merits. If you make 1 comment every day, that will equal 5 merits!


Emailing work to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com – This week you can win up to 4 merits for work set on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you send me work from a previous week, that counts as a merit as well. Next week you can win 4 merits as well.


MyMaths – If you score 70% or higher on two tasks, then you win 2 merits. You win 1 merit if you login and do some work, but don’t achieve two 70% scores. Next week you’ll be able to win 2 merits as well.


Purple Mash – If you try to complete 4 tasks, and I have proof of this, then you win 2 merits. If you try to complete 3 tasks or less, then you win 1 merit. Next week there will be four new tasks, and you can win 2 merits if you complete all four of them.


AR Quizzes – This week you could win 5 merits. Next week I do not want you to quiz more than twice. This is because you cannot get new books from school anymore, so I want you to take your time and be reading and quizzing in August if you’d like to. So next week, there will only be 2 merits available for quizzing on your books.


Times Tables Rockstars – I have found a fun way of doing times tables on Purple Mash, so we will not be using Times Tables Rockstars anymore. I’m sorry if you were really enjoying it, but I think you will enjoy the Purple Mash version even more! So there are no more merits available for this.


If your work is exceptional, or you email me something else you’ve been learning that I haven’t set myself, then it is possible to win extra merits as well.




This Week and Next Week


There were lots of great pieces of work this week. I’d like to share Vihansa’s UK beach map, which is incredibly neat. A great example of high quality learning. Very well done.



I also want to say well done to Aaron, Adem and Safiyyah who joined in with the PE session led by one of the coaches on the playground this morning.


Next week on Wednesday 15th July at 1 o’clock, we have the picnic at the park event. If you go, you will see me! There will be a fun quiz posted on the blog on Wednesday morning, so if you are quick, you could do the quiz in the morning and then tell me your answers at the park.



The last blog post will be next Friday. Merits will be counted on Friday afternoon. Then the summer holidays will begin, and you will all come back to school on Monday 7th September as Year Three children, with me as your teacher.




Merits for this week!


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Let’s start the counting this week with MyMaths, where a student won their first merits. Can you see who won their first two merits?


2 merits – Saule, Yi-Xuan, Josepha, Safiyyah, Aaron, Vihansa, Melina, Demi and Rehan

1 merit – Adem, Kianosh and Asabea


Now let’s count up the Purple Mash scores for the week.


2 merits – Yi-Xuan, Saule, Safiyyah, Melina, Aaron, Vihansa

1 merit – Demi, Josepha, Asabea, Yasmin, Adem and Rehan


Next it’s time to check how many 100% quiz scores you’ve achieved. Now last week I couldn’t see any quiz scores for Friday 3rd July, so I’m looking at those as well. This is why Saule, Vihansa and Aaron have 6 merits. Remember next week you can only get two merits, as I only want you to quiz twice.


6 merits – Saule, Vihansa and Aaron

5 merits – Safiyyah

2 merits – Adem


Not so many this week 🙁 Keep reading everybody!


Let’s now count up all of the merits for comments on the blog posts.


5 merits – Aaron, Saule, Vihansa and Safiyyah

4 merits – Yi-Xuan

3 merits – Adem

1 merit – Kianosh and Melina


As well as counting up the merits for sending work to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com – Adem was able to win one more merit because he also sent me old work from the previous week.


5 merits – Adem

4 merits – Vihansa, Saule, Aaron and Safiyyah

2 merits – Yi-Xuan


Bonus Merits


There are reasons for me to be giving the top four merit winners an extra merit on top of all of the merits they normally win. Here’s why.


Saule – For winning the yoga competition – 1 extra merit.

Aaron – For helping Rayan in the PE session today. Ms S was so impressed – 1 extra merit.

Safiyyah – For sending me a wonderful update about her plants, including a fantastic block diagram – 1 extra merit.

Vihansa – For replying to Lou’s message late on Friday – 1 extra merit




Total for the week


20 merits – Vihansa, Saule and Aaron

19 merits – Safiyyah

12 merits – Adem

10 merits – Yi-Xuan

5 merits – Melina

3 merits – Demi, Rehan and Josepha

2 merits – Kianosh, Asabea

1 merit – Yasmin




Altogether since the lockdown began! With only one week to go…


189 merits – Vihansa

187 merits – Aaron

176 merits – Safiyyah and Saule –  Saule up one place!

125 merits – Melina

82 merits – Adem

69 merits – Yi-Xuan – up one place!

62 merits – Kianosh

49 merits – Nala

43 merits – Albino

40 merits – Yasmin

31 merits – Nariyah

21 merits – Asabea

18 merits – Josepha

14 merits – Demi

11 merits – Dila

9 merits – Edasu

5 merits – Razvan

3 merits – Amirah and Rehan


Children who have had worksheets delivered from West Green can bring these to school in September to win their merits for learning at home.






Tell me what you are doing this weekend!

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