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Hello everyone!


First of all I’d like to say a huge well done for adapting to learning at home. When I was in Year 2, I’d have found it really difficult to focus with home learning like so many of you have done. Schools have not been disrupted in this way for over 75 years, yet you have coped so well. I was so pleased to hear that you were feeling happy when I made my phone calls yesterday. Feeling happy and safe is what matters most of all at the moment.


I’m feeling good too! It helps that your amazing efforts are cheering me up each and every day. I’m going to have so many merits to print off when I see you all again that the printer might break! 


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Merit winners!


I have had to change the rules a little bit. You can only win a maximum of five merits for comments, five merits for sending work and five merits for quizzing each week. I will award a bonus merit for people who complete extra set work, as Aaron did when I asked him to write a story about aliens invading London. Here’s his story below. If you’d like to make your own story about aliens invading London, you can have a go in the half term! I will still be checking emails and I will still be awarding merits.



Isn’t that incredible! Aaron did a fantastic problem and resolution, but he forgot to do much of a build up. Remember our story mountains, we need to build up to our problem rather than just start there. I also asked Aaron to practise his handwriting after this, which he went and did. I want everybody trying to join when they write something!


Thank you also to everyone who has continued to send me leaflets. Demi sent me her first piece of work this week, which made my smile grow so large it almost split open my face! You can keep making more for other countries if you wish.


Merits for work sent to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com

5 merits + 1 bonus merit for extra learning = Aaron

5 merits = Safiyyah, Saule and Vihansa

3 merits = Yi-Xuan

2 merits = Demi and Melina

1 merit = Nala, Nariyah and Adem


Merits for helpful or kind comments. Maximum of five.

5 merits = Vihansa, Aaron and Safiyyah

4 merits = Saule, Adem and Kianosh

2 merits = Melina and Albino

1 merit = Dila and Yi-Xuan


Merits for Purple Mash

2 merits for completing every 2Do task for the week = Aaron, Vihansa, Yasmin, Safiyyah and Kianosh

1 merit for completing some 2Do tasks = Yi-Xuan, Albino, Saule, Melina and Adem

1 merit for logging on and playing the games. Please try to find 2Do tasks! = Asabea, Edasu and Josepha


MyMaths – Volume and Capacity

I saw that some children logged on but didn’t complete this exact activity. I have given Asabea a merit for completing the measurement activity from the previous week. You are trying hard to catch up, well done.

2 merits = Saule, Yi-Xuan, Adem, Safiyyah, Aaron, Vihansa and Melina

1 merit = Kianosh (didn’t score at least 70%)

Remember to complete this quiz, it’s very helpful: https://www.educationquizzes.com/ks1/maths/year-2-measurements-capacity/


Times Tables Rockstars


rockstar gif | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir


Congratulations to Melina who has earned 32231 coins (thirty-two thousand, two hundred and thirty one)!

That’s an enormous number of coins, so I’m giving her a bonus merit this week.

2 merits = Melina

1 merit = Safiyyah, Aaron, Saule, Kianosh, Albino and Yasmin


AR Quizzes

Melina has been going quiz crazy too, along with Vihansa. Vihansa managed to complete six quizzes this week, scoring six 100% scores, which is insane. From after the half term, you will only be allowed a maximum of five merits for AR quizzes each week. That’s one merit available for each day. Remember you are allowed to quiz on any book you have at home, just type in the name of the book to see if there is a quiz available.

Please keep the book closed when you quiz. The school may be able to help you get new books, please call the school office to see.

6 merits = Vihansa

5 merits = Melina

3 merits = Safiyyah

2 merits = Aaron

1 merit = Saule.

I will also give a merit to Yi-Xuan and Yasmin, who worked hard to score 90% in tricky quizzes.




Total merits for home learning this week

20 merits – Vihansa

18 merits – Aaron and Safiyyah

14 merits – Melina and Saule

8 merits – Yi-Xuan, Adem and Kianosh

4 merits – Yasmin and Albino

2 merits – Asabea and Demi

1 merit – Josepha, Dila, Nala, Nariyah and Edasu


All of Yellow Class – 117 merits



Total merits altogether since learning from home.


1st – 86 merits – Vihansa (up one place!)

2nd – 83 merits – Saule

3rd – 78 merits – Aaron

4th – 72 merits – Safiyyah

5th – 66 merits – Melina

6th – 43 merits – Kianosh (up one place!)

7th – 37 merits – Nala

8th – 34 merits – Adem

9th – 29 merits – Yasmin

10th – 21 merits – Yi-Xuan (up two places!)

11th – 20 merits – Nariyah

12th – 16 merits – Asabea

13th – 14 merits – Albino

14th – 8 merits – Josepha and Edasu

15th – 7 merits – Dila

16th – 4 merits – Demi (up one place!)

17th – 3 merits – Amirah and Razvan


Olaf Heat GIF - Frozen Olaf Sunbathing - Discover & Share GIFs ...


Well done everybody! Next week I will share a video of the countryside only, there will be no new learning because it is HALF TERM!


Mr Morgan and Ms Essor




Want extra learning? Remember to check out BBC Bitesize and their Friday challenges. There was a cool music based challenge today with jam jars! You can send me any work, including from BBC Bitesize, to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com 🙂




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