Y2 Maths Challenge: The Abacus



This week I’ve asked you to complete more times tables activities on MyMaths. You need to know your 5s, which can be a little trickier than the 10s or the 2s. If you’re finding it tricky, have a go at this worksheet first and ask for help from a parent, sibling or carer. You don’t have to do this sheet, only do it if you’re finding the MyMaths task hard!


finding the 5s


Remember the five times table is also really handy for telling the time! We can use it to help us figure out the minute scale.


10. Fives times table - Real Math for Real Life




A maths investigation! Email your answers to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com


Follow the rules on the sheet carefully. There are two pages of questions (so click the down arrow at the bottom of the sheet to find page two). Page three tells you the answers, no peeking until you’ve finished investigating! What patterns will you find?


abacus investigation




Comments Challenge


Figure out the missing numbers in these patterns.


35, 30, 25, __, __, 10, 5


13, 15, 17, __, __, 23, 25


44, 54, 64, __, __, 94, ___


Mega hard for Year Two: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, __, __



You can make up your own patterns for your friends to solve as well!


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