Y2 Maths: A new method to add

Welcome to another week of learning! We’re starting off with maths this week. You’ll also find new maths activities on MyMaths, this week with a focus back on adding and subtracting. It’s important we get lots of practise since we won’t be back in school until September!


I won’t be commenting or checking your emails until the end of the week as I recover from my surgery. I am still in the hospital getting better, so remember I have been clever and I have coded the computer to post this lesson for me! By the end of the week I hope to count all of your merits from this week and last week, so keep working hard! 🙂




Let’s get started with a warm-up video. We haven’t learnt about time for a while, so here we go!




You can play this game afterwards to check you can tell the time. We played it in class a couple of times.






A new way to add – the column method


Play the video to learn about adding with the column method. Pause it whenever you want to practise a question. Play the video again and again until you understand how to do it. When you do your MyMaths, if you get stuck, you can play the video and hopefully that will help you.





Your activity – do your MyMaths!


Your MyMaths will take you longer this week as you will need to do lots of adding and subtracting. This will take time, especially because you need to check your answers.


Use a ruler to draw neat number lines.


Once you finish, remember from 2 o’clock this afternoon there is the London Rocks competition! Have a read of this old blog post from Ms Gill to help you remember.


London Rocks 2020




Comments Challenge


Do you like the column method? Do you find it easier than using a number line or harder? Use one of these sentence starters…


“I really like the column method because…”      “I think the column method is alright because…”      “I don’t like the column method yet because…”



  • Vihansa says:

    Hi Mr Morgan, wishing you a speedy recovery !!

  • Aaron says:

    Good morning.
    I really like the column method because you adding up small numbers and its easier adding up numbers.
    Thank you.

  • Safiyyah says:

    I really like the column method because it makes it easier to add. I find the column method easier than the number line because it makes it easier to add bigger numbers.

  • Vihansa says:

    I really like the column method because when some questions are tricky, I can clearly work out and easy to get the correct answer.

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