Y2 Maths: 3D shapes and patterns


LO: To identify the properties of 3D shapes!


1 SC: I can count all of the faces.


2 SC: I can count all of the vertices.


3 SC: I can count all of the edges.




Please watch the video below to learn about these properties. You might want to watch it twice, or even a third time after you’ve completed the worksheet to check!




Now complete the worksheet, which you can copy and paste into a word document if you want to print, or you can just write the answers down on a new piece of paper. Treat it like the talk task and don’t peak at the answers straight away! The answers are on Page 2, press the down arrow at the bottom left corner of the sheet to see them.


3D shape work at home



Patterns! Watch this video and see if you can spot any patterns.



Now we’ll see if you can combine your knowledge of 3D shapes and patterns to complete the patterns below. If you are able to print both pages, then you can use the second page to cut and stick. Remember to send any work to my new email address!





3d shape patterns work



In the comments, answer these three questions.


1. How many faces would there be on two cubes?


2. How many edges would there be on five cylinders?


3. How many vertices would there be on eight spheres?


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