Y2 Video Lesson: Fun at the seaside 6

What a treat I have for you today Yellow Class. Today’s video lesson is brought to you from an actual beach! But before you press play on my video lesson, we must continue with our competition. 


Let’s remember where we’ve been so far. You’ll be able to watch all of the videos again next week and vote on your favourite.


Week 1 – The West Coast of Scotland…  Week 2 – South Coast of Wales…  Week 3 – Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast…


Week 4 – England’s Yorkshire Coast…  Week 5 – Brighton and Eastbourne…


For week six, I’m taking you on a tour of Cornwall, in the South West of England. Lots of people like going on holiday here. Cornwall is next to Devon (where Mr Morgan grew up). I’ve walked almost all of the way around it on the coast path walk I described in my half term video!


Trevose Head: a South West Coast Path... © Chris Downer cc-by-sa ...                           A review by Appalachian Gail


Map of the network | Devon and Cornwall Rail Partnership






Now it’s time for the Video Lesson!


Press play and enjoy the lesson. Make sure you listen very carefully and watch until the end.



Here is the map I made on Wembury Beach for you to look at more closely. I want yours to look almost the same.




Here is a blank map for you to print. If you don’t have a printer, get a blank piece of paper and trace over the outline of the UK on the screen. This is how I made the outline of my map.


Blank Map of the UK



The names of the bonus places I want you to find using a google map search


1 – Llandudno, Wales


2 – Durdle Door, England


3 – North Berwick, Scotland


4 – Chalkwell, England



Please send your finished map to westgreen.yellowclass@gmail.com to win your merit.




Comments Challenge


Go back to the video of Cornwall. Look carefully at the names of the many places that you see along the Cornish Coast. Pause the video on the place or the beach you would most like to visit, and explain why you’ve chosen that place. Look at my example in the comments.


  • Mr Morgan says:

    I would most like to visit the Lizard Peninsula. This is because I would like to explore the lighthouse and watch all of the birds nesting in the cliffs!

  • Aaron says:

    Good Morning Mr Morgan.
    My favourite Cornish beach is St Michael’s Mount, it looks very interesting, I love to visit castles.
    It looks like the castle grow out from the mountain, and it is very close to the see. I would love to visit this place.
    Also i would like to visit Eden project, because i heard about it so much, I would like to see all the plants and trees.
    Next Friday I will go holiday for a week with my family in Wales and I would like to visit Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall, and Penparcau beach.
    Thank You.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Brilliant answers and explanations! I’m going to do my own research about Pistyll Rhaeadr and Penparcau now. I’m guessing it might be quite close to Llandudno, but I will soon find out when I visit google maps and explore the pictures and location for myself.

      • Mr Morgan says:

        I’ve had a look and I was wrong! It’s quite far from Llandudno. The pictures of the waterfall and the beach look amazing, I hope you have a great trip when you go in eight days time.

        • Aaron says:

          Thank you very much.

        • Saule Bagdonaite says:

          Hello Mr.Morgan,
          my favorite beach is St Germans because I like the bridge and it looks so beautiful.At home I had a frame and inside the frame was a piece of paper and it had the same picture also I like Newquay Harbour because the water looks so green and blue.I would like to go on one of those boats and live in that place.

          Thank you ?.

          • Mr Morgan says:

            I know you have been to Newquay!

            If you take the train to Cornwall, you go over that railway bridge. It’s not actually by the seaside though. St Germans is inland.

  • Yi Xuan Lin says:

    Hi Mr Morgan,
    My favourite place in the Cornish Coast is Porthtowan because the waves are very beautiful there and it’s very blue.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      I have been there twice! However I have never gone for a swim there. I like to swim in the sea twice every year, even if it can be very cold!

  • Safiyyah says:

    I would most like to visit Looe Island. This is because I would like to see all of the wonderful nature. Also, I would most like to visit Newquay Harbour. This is because I would like to sail on the boat.

  • Vihansa says:

    My most favourite place to visit Isle of Wight in the English Channel, United Kingdom, close to Alum Bay. I love to visit ‘Needles’. A row of three stacks of chalk. That looks awesome. When I saw some pictures, when my mother and father visited there long time ago, that place looks amazing. Specially you can go in Cable cars too. We are planning to visit Norfolk nest weekend. We will be going to Thornham beach. We love going there. You can see some sea lions on the beach.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      I have been to Alum Bay and seen the Needles! They are incredible to look at. When we are back in the classroom in September, if you ask me, I will show you a picture of me at the Needles.

      If you’d like to, add where The Needles are on your UK map!

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