Y2 Fun at the seaside 3!

It’s Thursday! That means you’re off to the seaside!


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However sadly I won’t be at the seaside today… I’m going into hospital, so I won’t be replying to your emails for a while. This will now be done by Krishna, who will do her best to give you some feedback as I have been doing. She can also answer any question you might have about Purple Mash, MyMaths, Times Table Rockstars, AR quizzes and changing books (remember you can visit school tomorrow to do this), anything!


First of all, we have our UK beaches competition. So far we have seen videos of beaches from the west of Scotland and the south of Wales. Today it’s the turn of Northern Ireland and the ‘Causeway Coast’.


Murder! Dancing! Giants! Whiskey! | Ms. Bellfast


If you remember our UK interviews, these are the beaches that my young cousins Luka and Felix visit.



Think about what makes Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast unique as you watch the video, and tell me in the comments.





Your fun activity for this week is historical


Have a look at this PowerPoint first to get an idea of what visiting the seaside used to look like 150 years ago. Click on the purple link and you can safely download it.


then and now seaside holidays


Then complete this task. You can do it as a cut and stick (there are two pages, click on the down arrow to see) or you can draw and write. It is important you look at page two.


comparing past and present




Comments Challenge


Tell me what made Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast unique.


Do you think it is the best piece of seaside in the UK so far? Explain why or why not.




  • Saule says:

    Hello, I think the beach is unique because there is a lot of grass and trees?. Yes, I think that it is the most beautiful beach ever, because there is so many green places and beautiful hills.

  • Aaron says:

    Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast is unique of the stunning sandy beaches, fishing villages,lots of green land trees,lots of valleys, clifftop paths, big gushing waterfalls.
    It is the best seaside so far because its very nice and have lots of varieties of beaches and landscapes.

  • Albino says:

    I really liked the green landscape and I went crazy with the sand on the sea.

  • Safiyyah says:

    It’s unique because it has lots of grass and trees. Also, you can go there by car and there are houses near the seaside.
    I think Northen Ireland is the best because of the grass and the trees.

  • Vihansa says:

    So far, I this is my favourite one. It is exceptionally beautiful because of it’s green landscape.

    • Adrien Schellingerhoud says:

      Yes. The north and south of Ireland are very well known for having green landscapes!

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