Word search game: avoid the nouns!

Hello yellow class!


I hope you’ve enjoyed the leaflet activity. I know many of you will not have finished yet, it’s a very big challenge. Keep working hard and you can do more than one! You are also allowed to finish next week.


Here is Saule’s leaflet. It’s fantastic, and is an example of really good work.



I look forward to seeing it in real life! Do look after your amazing leaflets.


Remember to win as many merits as you can for this week, complete MyMaths, Purple Mash, and email me your science poster and photos of your leaflet. Don’t forget to leave comments too! I love to see them!


Today I’ve got a word-search, but there is a very important rule.


Spring Parts of Speech (Noun, Verb, Adjective) | Nouns verbs ...


It is important you can find these types of words in every sentence. I have a challenge for you to do in the comments.


The word search is below. BEWARE! There are 10 verbs and 5 nouns. You are not allowed to find the nouns. If you find a noun, you must not put a line through it. Nouns are not allowed in the word search, you must only find the verbs!


So if it’s an action word, you can show where you’ve found it on the word search.


If it is a noun, you must ignore it!


Please send me your finished word search to win a merit, but you’ll only win the merit if you follow the rules. Click on the word search to download it and then print it.





Comments Challenge


Tell me what types of words are coloured green in each sentence. The answer will either be verb, adjective, or noun.


  1. When I went on holiday, I saw a giant snake.
  2. I like to play board games at home, because they make me laugh.
  3. My comfortable bedroom is the perfect place to get an excellent sleep.
  4. If birds can fly, then can humans fly as well if they make enormous wings to wear?
  5. I really enjoy going to the spectacular funfair.
  6. Stop it now!





Don’t forget to check on Friday evening to see how many merits you’ve won! I’ll be giving all of those merits out for real whenever I see you next!



Mr Morgan 🙂

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