Last week Red Class learnt how to use some tools in our woodwork area. It was very exciting! We learnt the rules we need to remember to stay safe when we are doing woodwork, and then practiced using the different tools.


First the children learnt how to use a screwdriver. They carefully screwed a screw into some soft balsa wood.





Next the children practiced using a hammer. They had a go at hammering some soft playdough, then hammered a nail all the way into the wood.




Finally the children learnt how to safely use a saw! They had to make sure the wood was firmly in the vice, then carefully use a push and pull motion to saw through the wood.




The Reception staff were so impressed with how brilliantly sensible the children were – well done everyone!


Our class book last week was ‘Rosie Revere Engineer’. After reading the story the children came up with their own crazy inventions. We are hoping to try and make some of these inventions using our new woodwork skills!

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