Who wrote the best funny story?

Hello everyone,

Watch the video to see who won the funny story competition. Will the funniest class be Year 5 or Year 6? Who will be victorious – Patrick or Mr. Spours?

There will be another competition posted soon so please keep checking your class blog. I would LOVE to see ALL of you enter the next competition. It is a really fun way of making sure you are learning at home!

Hoping you are all well. Stay at home, keep safe…


Here is the winning story…

Title: Lost in Space

Max woke up feeling tired. The sun was shining brightly when he changed his clothes. He brushed his teeth and suddenly he tripped over and crushed his dog Timmy. Timmy shouted so loud that Max’s parents rushed over. “What happened?” said Mum. Timmy barked. Then Dad saw Max lying down over Timmy. Mum shouted at him, “Why don’t you be careful next time!”

Max went back and then Laura (his little sister) was dancing on his bed, so he decided to go outside. He went to the park and met on of his friends Tim. They played on the playground then his parents came looking angry with Laura. “We are very tired of you!” shouted Dad. Looking distraught, they went home. Once they arrived, they saw a message on the front door. “We are looking for you! Many thanks. The Unknown Thief.”

They all shook silently. Then Laura saw something disgusting, sticky stuff (slime) and a broken window in the dining room. They all cleaned up the mess when suddenly Max fell over to Laura and they’re covered with the disgusting stuff. Laura sobbed in sadness and anger and her parents calmed her down.

When they finished cleaning, Mr and Ms Landor planned to do something to Max and they decided to make him go to space. They called NASA the next day. “Hello, this is the National Space Agency. What would you like to do?” said the receptionist. “Can you build a rocket?” said Dad. “You’ll have to pay £350,000.” replied the receptionist. Mr and Ms Landor agreed. “You have to wait one year.” Said the receptionist. They agreed again and hang up the phone. One year later Mr Landor got a message. “We have successfully finished your rocked. Please come to America as soon as possible. Kind regards. NASA.”

They booked a holiday to America and they told the children.  “I’m so excited!” said Laura. Just then Max fell into the floor and Timmy barked. The next day they packed their bags and went to the airport. The Unknown Thief also went to the airport and they all saw each other. The thief was actually their neighbour! They went into the plane and flew to American.

Once they arrived, they went to the hotel and went to NASA. The receptionist asked them “What would you like to do today?” Mr Landor replied” I’ve got this message.” The receptionist showed them the way and Max went in. they quickly locked the door and the countdown started. “5,4,3,2,1, BLAST OFF!” The rocket was heading for planet Blogdepoop (the nearest planet). Max sobbed. He doesn’t know what to do. When it arrived. One of the Blogos (the creature who lives there) shouted “Balago Malapop!” The others got their weapons and charged to Max. Max shouted, “I’m innocent!” and he began to act kind. The Leader Blogo said “ Lamagoes Mealam!”and Max fell again.

The End.


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