Who is the greatest explorer of all time?

Dear Yellow Class,

I hope you’ve managed to start some learning at home! Well done to those children who are completing their MyMaths – I’m aiming to send a message back to everyone who completes their work. Well done if you’ve been reading any of the books you’ve brought home, or if you’ve been playing any educational games.

It’s hard to imagine being an explorer at the moment when we need to stay at home. Next week I’d like you to decide who is the greatest explorer of all time, so here’s a little quiz for you to try to see if you can remember our five possible winners.

  1. Which explorer flew over the Atlantic Ocean?
  2. Which explorer needed a helmet to help him breathe?
  3. Which British explorer got cross when he realised he’d come in second place?
  4. Which explorer brought tomatoes and potatoes back to Europe for the first time?
  5. Which explorer had to escape India after an argument with a Sultan?
  6. Which two explorers sadly died while they were completing a challenge?
  7. Which two explorers were American?
  8. Which explorer was born in 1304, making him the oldest of the five?

Let’s see if you can get 8 out of 8… I’ll be posting the answers early next week!

Have fun,

Mr Morgan and Ms Essor


  • Mr Morgan says:

    Oh look! It’s a comment!

    Please scroll down to comment your answers to the quiz below mine.

    It’s our way of keeping in touch.

    • Saule says:

      Hello Mr Morgan.
      We hope you and your family are well this difficult time.
      We are sending answers.
      1. Amelia Earhart
      2. Neil Armstrong
      3. Robert Falcon Scott
      4. Christopher Columbus
      5. Ibn Battuta
      6. Henry Wadsley
      7. Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong
      8. Ibn Battuta

  • Mr Morgan says:

    Good effort Saule, I’m doing OK and hope you and your family are too.

    You’ve got 6 questions correct and won yourself a merit. Christopher Columbus was born in Italy, he found America by accident when he was trying to sail to China. He isn’t actually American!

  • Vihansa says:

    Hi Mr Morgan, I am sending my answers:
    1. Amelia Earhart.
    2. Neil Armstrong.
    3. Robert Falcon Scott.
    4. Christopher Columbus.
    5.Ibn Buttuta.
    6. Amelia Earhart.and Robert Falcon Scott.
    7.Neil Armstrong and Amelia Earhart.
    8. Ibn Buttuta.

  • Adem says:

    1- Amelia Earhart .
    2- Neil Armstrong .
    3- Robert Falcon Scot .
    4-Cristopher Columbus .
    5-Ibn Battuta .
    6- Amelia Earhart ant Robert Falcon Scot.
    7-Neil Armstrong and Amelia Earhart .
    8- Ibn Battuta .

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