When The Dragons Came read by Kate

Hi Red class

I’m very excited to share another story with you! This one is called When The Dragons Came, it is written by Naomi Kefford and Lynne Moore with illustrations by Benji Davies. (Additional sound effects from my daughters Lily and Emma!)

Here are some questions to think about as I read the story:

– Before I start, what do you think will happen in this story? What will the dragons do?

– Can you hear the rhyming words in the story? (Maybe you could write them down in a list and add them to the comments or put them on Tapestry.)

– Were the dragons causing problems on purpose or just trying to be friendly?

– What would you do if dragons came to your town?!

I like the rhyming names in this story. I think I’d be Kate Taking who loves baking. Can you make up a rhyming name for yourself? You could draw a picture to go with it and post it on Tapestry.

Michelle and I are really enjoying reading your comments and seeing work posted on Tapestry. We look forward to seeing more!

Take care

Kate 🙂

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