WATCH NOW! Northern Ireland with Aunty Claire and the boys

Hello! It’s the last of our interviews about the United Kingdom (UK). Today I’ve been talking across the Irish Sea to my aunt and young cousins who are in Portrush, a town by the sea in Northern Ireland. I’ve marked it with a blue cross on the map. Can you see where Belfast is? That’s the capital of Northern Ireland.



Only a small part of Ireland is part of the United Kingdom. It is the smallest out of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom. The capital city of the Republic of Ireland is Dublin and is also marked on the map.





In the video, I said I’d find a video of Irish folk music and Irish dancing. So here it is!




In the video, you heard about two places that are very famous. At the end, Claire talks about the Titanic Museum. This tells you all about the building of the world’s largest cruise ship, the Titanic, which sadly sank on its first ever journey. 





She also spoke about the legend of Giants Causeway. Read more about it below!



Now answer these questions, sending your answers to


1. According to Irish folk tales, how was Giants Causeway made? (retrieve)


2. Do you think Finn McCool had a good reason to fight Benandonner? Explain your answer. (interpret)


3. Find and copy one word that tells you Finn’s wife was intelligent. (vocabulary)


4. TRUE of FALSE? Finn McCool is a baby. (retrieve)


5. Why did Benandonner leave and never bother Finn McCool ever again? (retrieve)


6. Where is Giants Causeway? (retrieve)


7. If you go to Giants Causeway today, what shape are the rocks? (retrieve) Bonus Question – how many sides does the shape have?


8. Do you think that this Irish folk tale is a real story? Explain your answer. (interpret)




In the comments, don’t forget to ask any more questions about Northern Ireland! You might get an answer from Claire, so keep checking to see if there is a reply.


Now you’ve learned all about Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, look out for a tremendous writing challenge next week!


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