WATCH NOW! Learn about Wales with Jeannie!

Hello everyone! Jeannie has answered your questions about Wales! She will be reading all of your comments and will answer any more of your questions.


Remember, useful comments mean merits for Year 2 children!



Wales is in the WEST of the United Kingdom. Press play on the 18 minute video below!



Jeannie reminded me that I’ve been up to Mount Snowdon! Here’s a photo of me, Patrick, Ms McQuillan and Ms Gill last year.


Jeannie also challenged you to see if you could read and say out loud the longest place name in Wales. Here’s the picture! Good luck!


Small Welsh Town, Big Welsh Name: Llanfair... | Rick Steves' Europe


A famous Welsh writer – Roald Dahl! Click on the down arrow at the bottom left to find the next page. Questions on pages 3 and 4. Answers on page 5. Ignore the rest!




Send your answers to



More learning – click on the link below, then you’ll be able to download a PowerPoint with even more information about Wales!



Remember to post your comments and question to Jeannie below! Can anyone find out why the cheese on toast is called Welsh Rarebit?


Update – Jeannie wanted to share this photo of her doll. She used to dress up like this for St David’s Day. Here it is!




And here’s Jeannie as a child. She’s the one on the left and is with her sister!




  • Khyran says:

    Ok I will

  • kianosh says:

    Because it is they name of the food.

  • Nala says:

    Ryan Giggs use to play for Man United.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Yes, he did. They were annoyingly a very good team when I was your age. I supported Southampton! 😀

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Gareth Bale played for Southampton when he was sixteen years old. Did you hear his name in the video?

  • Nala says:

    Thank you for asking my question.

  • Saule says:

    Welsh rarebit look’s delicious ! 😉

  • Vihansa says:

    What an interesting video. I learnt lots of facts. Thank you very much Jeannie.
    My questions
    1.What is the original music like in Wales?
    2. Do they have special type of cloths?
    3. What are the special events in Wales?

    • Jeannie McTavish says:

      Three more very interesting questions.
      1. Wales is nicknamed the land of song. We love to sing in Wales. And we have lots of very famous singers in Wales.
      2. Special clothes- yes we do have a Welsh costume. I meant to show you my little welsh doll yesterday when I was chatting with Mr Morgan
      I will try to post it on the website. When I was in school we would dress up in these costumes on March 1st- St David’s Day. He is the patron saint of Wales.
      3. Well St David’s Day of course is a special celebration. Cardiff also hosts the International Singer of the Year competition. and Cardiff half marathon is also a big event. I watched it a few years ago and Mo Farah ran straight past me !!!!

  • Safiyyah says:

    Thank you Jeannie for the video. I learnt some interesting facts about Wales.

    1. Cardiff Castle was built in the late 11th century.
    2. 3 million people live in Wales which is half of the number of people in London.
    3. 6 Wales can fit in England
    4. The favourite sport in Wales is rugby.

  • Safiyyah says:

    It is called Welsh rarebit because poor people couldn’t afford meat so they gave cheese on toast a meat name.

  • Jeannie McTavish says:

    Safiyyah – is that true? I didn’t know that. That is very interesting and of course makes absolute sense. Good research work

  • Vihansa says:

    It is believed the name originated in the 18th century, as a insult to the Welsh. Because those days, rabbit was a poor man’s meat in England. In Wales, the poor men’s meat was cheese.

  • Hi.
    What kind of food do you eat and drink?
    How far are you from the beach? How many miles?
    What is the dragon represent on your flag? You had dragons long time ago?
    Have you got railway with trains?
    Thank you

    • Jeannie McTavish says:

      Hi Aaron
      Very good questions. You’ve already found out a lot about Welsh Rarebit- I didn’t know it has it’s own special day. We must remember that !!!
      The town where I was born is called Bridgend and it is about 5 miles from the beach. And yes there is a train that runs from Paddington in London right through to Swansea. It stops at Cardiff and then it stops at Bridgend.
      Dragons !!! Now there’s a question.
      A long time ago one of the welsh kings decided to use a dragon as a symbol of power over the Roman army who had invaded Wales and the Welsh people have kept the image ever since.
      Dragons are creatures of myth. Myths are make-believe stories.
      Great questions Aaron
      Yellow Class have helped me learn a lot about dragons and Welsh Rarebit !!!

  • Hello.
    Welsh Rarebit, i goggled up and done some reaserch.
    It was very popular since the 1500 under the name of caws pobi. Long time ago they liked to put fancy name to the food, that how it endded up to have a name like this.
    Is a tradition dish, has his own nationsl day, september 3rd, Welsh Rarebit Day.
    Thank you

  • Jeannie McTavish says:

    Mr Morgan- I didn’t dress my doll up. I dressed up in this costume- a tall black hat. a black skirt, a pinafore and a daffodil on my red shawl.
    All the boys wore a leek on their shirts and they carried a sword and shield !!!

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