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Welcome to Violet Class – Year 6

Welcome to Violet Class


Year 6 is full of exciting opportunities for all students to become conscientious, independent and successful learners. We believe that we all have an incredible potential that, with a positive attitude and hard work, can start to be fulfilled.


This attitude towards learning stretches goes across all subjects in the curriculum and by embracing each subject (even if we did not think we were ‘natural’ at it) we see huge improvements in our work which makes us feel very proud!


Year 6 get to go on an annual residential trip to Pendarren House which is a large country house on the side of Sugarloaf Mountain in Brecon Beacons National Park and is really fun. The outdoor education includes, rock climbing, caving, orienteering, high ropes, mountaineering and many more incredible activities. One of the key things that Pendarren teaches is personal and social development as we made our own beds, served each other food and kept the residence tidy during our stay.


We have a huge focus on reading as we are encouraged to read every day at home and regularly use our reading corner and library to aid our reading comprehension. By the end of year 6 we are able to retrieve, interpret, gain the meaning of words from their context, understand why a writer might choose certain words and identify a writer’s viewpoint. By becoming great readers and writers we are able to improve in every subject!


Overall, we have lots of fun, from the classroom based subjects, to school trips and swimming. Year 6 is especially fun when we have huge games of dodge ball that include the whole class (as well as the teachers)!

Violet Class

Welcome to Violet Class.

Here you can find links to all of our online learning hubs. Children should be accessing Google Classroom every Friday during our Blended Learning afternoons. In the event of a bubble closure Google Classroom will be our online classroom.

You can view our full curriculum here:

Year 6 Overview

Autumn Overview Letter: View Here

Friday Blended Learning work can be accessed via Google Classroom. Children should log on and submit any assignments by the following Wednesday.

In the event of a school closure children will find all of their learning on Google Classroom. Teachers will post pre-recorded lessons, set daily tasks and provide daily feedback and small group interventions as needed.

At West Green we use the Accelerated Reader programme which helps our students read appropriately levelled books independently at home. Pupils take a STAR test which gives them a reading age and level – they then chose an appropriate book from the library. Once they have read it, they take an online quiz based on the book to check their understanding. This process accelerates the pupils reading skills – FANTASTIC!

Pupils would usually quiz at school, but because of our bubble system, it is more difficult for children to access the computer room at the moment. Pupils, therefore, must quiz at home using this special portal link: Quiz Here!


Mymaths is a great homework tool for children to consolidate what they have learnt in their lessons and to practice other maths skills in a fun and interactive way.

To access MyMaths follow the link and click on login MyMaths at WG

Purple Mash is a fantastic tool to help children to not only practice their computing skills but also their maths and English skills. Children can access a wide range of activities to support their learning. It is fun and educational!

To access Purple Mash, you need to click on the following link and login – Purple Mash at WG

We are using the Oak Academy to support our learners who are having to isolate while the rest of their class remains in school.

Each lesson is an hour-long and delivered by a teacher, with a pre-recorded video as well as quizzes, worksheets and creative activities. It’s all easy to use, there’s no login or password, you can access the lessons on any device, and pupils only need materials they can find at home.

Once you’ve notified the school of the required isolation period you will receive an email from SLT telling you which units will best support a continuation of your child’s learning.

The Oak Academy can be accessed using this link – Oak Academy

As always we are here to help! If you need support logging in to any of the online learning hubs please get in touch with us by calling the school or emailing us at: admin@westgreen.haringey.sch.uk

Violet Class Latest Blog

Goodbye Year 6

Year 6 – As we haven’t been able to say goodbye in the usual way we have made you a special video to say farewell. Good luck and remember – you will ALWAYS be part of our West Green family so we will ALWAYS be here for you.   https://spark.adobe.com/video/1QQXolYXSEGsQ

Year 6 – Reading for the Day – 13/07/20

Good morning,   This is the last reading post I’m afraid.  I want to give a HUGE shout out to Adrian and Allana for completing every piece set – you’re absolute superstars!! Questions: What system did Auggie and his mum have for explaining how much pain he was in when he couldn’t speak? Why is […]

Year 6 – Maths For The Day 13/07/20

Hay guys, I have attached the maths questions we will be focusing on today. Remember to pick the colour that best suits you. If you’re struggling to remember the method, look at the example at the top or look up the method in your revision books. If you’re still stuck, try using the internet to […]

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