The winner is….

Watch the video to find out who has won the Year 3/4 story writing competition this week….

Here is the winning entry. Enjoy! Make sure you enter next week’s competition everyone!



My name is Heshina Mungur and I am a superhero with healing powers. Today, I will share a story about how I saved the lives of millions around the globe.

One day, a deadly virus known as Covid-19 came about when an evil villain Bat spread his germs all over China. Many people died, I was devastated about this terrible news. The Bat did not stop there, he went around the world and infected many more people, I had to take him down and save our people. I planned all night and the next day I packed my bag with gloves, a face mask, hand sanitizer and lots of nutritious fruits for the big journey to find the Bat and lock him up.

Firstly, I made sure to heal everyone in the UK first, including Boris Johnson! Next, I went to China, Italy, Spain and many more other countries that had been infected. The evil Bat became so angry and came after me to stop me from healing people. Luckily I had my other superhero friends and they helped me to put him down. We sprayed lots of germ killers on the Bat to kill all the germs making him very weak. He was arrested and locked away.

In the end everyone was cured and went outside again to enjoy the sun.


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