The winner is….

Hello everyone.

Watch the video to see who is the winner of the Year 5/6 poetry competition this week.

Well done to all who entered. Patrick, Mr. Spours and I really enjoyed reading them all.

Look out for the next competition coming soon….

The winning poems are below. Enjoy.


Silhouette of the Midnight Sky

A Midnight Sky

A bright full moon

That floats so high

Only to leave soon.


A swaying silhouette catches my attention

It’s crooked claws reaching out

A source of protection

For the shimmering sphere that stays without


A friend in the night.

Yet, that single tree, so lonely

Fills the void,

Between the midnight sky,

Moon and me.



It’s Thursday night,

It’s nearly Eight,

I really, really cannot wait,


With claps and cheers,

For all to hear,

Whether they are far or near,


I watch the clock,

We’re nearly there,

All the people stop and stare,

Into the street to see who’s there,

How many people show they care,


Who will start?

Will it be me?

Will it be them?

We will see.


It’s Thursday night,

And I can’t wait,

To show the NHS they’re great!!

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