The third writing competition!

Hello year 5 and 6!


Well done to Allana and Adrian for their fantastic poems. We thought all of the entries were amazing so for them to come out on top they had to really be something special- and they truly were! If you two could send a link for the book you want us to buy in the next couple of days that would be lovely.


That brings year 5 and 6 to one a piece and so it is time for another writing competition. This time, we will be writing a suspenseful story. You will base it on the picture below:

The story that you will write will be about a character (it can be first or third person) walking up to and through this doorway. You need to describe the setting, how the character is feeling (show don’t tell), explain why they are going through the mysterious door, and what they find on the other side…

We will be expecting to see:

  • varying sentence length for suspense
  • ellipsis to create suspense…
  • varying sentence openers using a range of conjunctions
  • adjectives, similes and metaphors for description

The competition winner will be based on who follows the criteria set above, and how exciting/tense the story actually is. As always email the entries to or send them to your class email address.


They must be in by Tuesday 12th May 2020 and the winner will be announced on Thursday 14th May. The winner will bring untold amounts of glory to their class (it is 1-1 at the moment) and will get a book of their choice delivered to their home address. You have a long time to write you story so we expect quality and quantity.


Finally, I just want to say thanks again for the other brilliant poems in the last competition. However, I will note that all entries to the competition were entered at around the same time and that any similarity in theme is purely coincidental. I do not want to read any comments about any other entries than your own from now on. It made me very proud to see fellow competitors congratulating the winners and that is the spirit that I believe we should enter the competition whilst still trying to win.


Good luck,


Mr Spours and Patrick



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