Star readers – Year 2

WOW Year 2 – I see that so many of you have been quizzing! A massive well done to Saule, Yasmin, Yi-Xuan, Josepha, Adem, Kianosh, Saffiyyah, Vihansa, Melina and Aaron who have completed at least one AR quiz this week. Actually some of these children have done more than one quiz!


Even though I am so proud of you all, I have to give a special high five to Melina and Saule who both quizzed 4 times and got 4 100%s WOW!


I am so happy that you have been practising your reading skills and showing that you have understand the text that you have read. All of you can have 2 merits and a Curly Wurly from me when we get back to school.


Year 2 – I’d love to see even more of you quizzing this week. Remember, you can quiz using any book you have at home (don’t worry about the level right now) and if you have any problems about quizzing, email Mr. Morgan. He loves to help anyone who wants to read!




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