Send me your questions about the UK!

Hello there!


Exciting news! I’m going to record an interview between me and three special people who come from different parts of the UK.


However I’m not going to ask the questions. I need you!


Lord Kitchener's iconic 'Your country needs you' image was never ...



Yes I need you! You will need to write the questions. I will then ask your questions and post the video with their answers in three blog posts.



Blog post 1 – Scotland with my cousin Evie and her sisters who live in Edinburgh.


Blog post 2 – Wales with your wonderful music teacher Jeannie!


Blog post 3 – Northern Ireland with my aunty Claire and her two young children Luka and Felix.





You can write and send as many questions as you want. What do you want to find out about each country?


The question could be about food.


It could be about music.


It could be about sport.


It could be about their favourite places to visit or things to see.


It could be about anything!


Ask your questions by making comments or sending an email to



Then I will record the videos in the next 2 weeks and you will hear the answers that Evie, Jeannie and Claire give you.



Green class can join in too! You learnt this last year and made amazing leaflets filled with information. Is there anything else you’d like to learn about the UK? Make a comment and tell me your questions!



Mr Morgan 🙂


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