See you again Year 6

Hey Year 6 – how are you all? Well I hope.

So this year for an end of year performance I think it would be great if we put together a virtual performance of one of our songs that we were learning last term. SEE YOU AGAIN.

I have attached all the tracks you will need to learn the song onto this blog as well as the following instructions.

What to do first

  • Listen to the performance track first – it’s the longest track. 3minutes 47 seconds It’s the first track below
  • Print out the lyrics sheet if you can.  This sheet  breaks the song down into sections and different colours
  • Learn the song using the echo tracks -we’ve used these before- you just repeat after the bell. I’ve broken down the echo tracks and which is which below
  • Each echo track relates to a particular part of the song.- Verse/Chorus/Middle 8/ Bridge / Rap1/Rap2

Echo Tracks are :-

VERSE -1minute 12 seconds -Green lyrics

CHORUS – 36secs – Blue lyrics

HUMMING UNDER RAP AND SINGING BRIDGE -1minute 20seconds – red lyrics

MIDDLE 8 – 1min 1 sec -blue lyrics

RAP 1 – 1min 15 secs – black lyrics

RAP 2 – 58secs – black lyrics

Which part to learn

​It would be great to have you pretty confident in all sections. But obviously different sections will suit different voices. You know we have a great variety of talent in Year 6-  high voices, strong low voices, soloists, and rappers. Here is a list of the tracks and a list of who might like to sing them.

  • Performance track  -3 mins 47 seconds
  • ​Verse 1 – all children who prefer to sing high
  • Humming under rap and singing Bridge – all children who prefer to sing low
  • Chorus – all children . There is a high low split at the end of this section
  • Middle 8 – all children who prefer to sing high
  • Rap – ALL RAPPERS – male and female !!!

Next steps

If you have any questions then use the blog to get back to me. You should start with the performance track first to remind yourself and then go through the bits that you think best suit your voice.. Open the lyrics sheet so you can remind yourself of the structure of the song

Great to be working with you again Year 6.

see you again lyrics


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