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Hello Yellows!


On Saturday I went for my daily walk. I’m lucky that I’m currently in the countryside, so my walks go through many fields which contain lots of sheep! Have a look at the two photos below.





What’s going on here? I thought to myself. There’s a large one and a small one. Every time the large one would trot away, the small one would follow along. Sometimes, the small one would go underneath the large one and appeared to be drinking milk.


Whatever was going on, it was very cute!


What do you think was happening? Why was the little one following the large one? How does the little one look different from the large one? Tell me in the comments!


Have a nice week,

Mr Morgan 🙂


  • Saule says:

    hello Mr Morgan
    In my opinion the lamb is following mother sheep because they dont want to be lost. Sheep feel safest when they are in group.

    From Saule 🙂

  • Nala says:

    Hi mr Morgan. The big sheep is the mother and the small sheep is the baby. The small sheep wants to feel safe that’s why it’s under the big sheep.
    From Nala.

  • Mr Morgan says:

    Great answers girls, the little lambs (baby sheep) were definitely trying to stay safe. They might have been a bit scared of me! Perhaps they hadn’t seen many humans before?

    Did you notice how their ears are the same size, but the lamb has a smaller face? Did you see that the adult has lots of wool, but the lamb has nearly none?

    It was very interesting! Yesterday I saw a cow and her calf too.

    Merits to both of you, well done for such good comments.

  • Melina says:

    Hi Mr Morgan
    It was trying to get milk to stay healthy.
    Because she doesn’t want to get too lost. That’s why following its mother.
    It looks different because it is smaller than the mother as it is a baby and also it has no long fur.

  • Vihansa says:

    Mr Morgan, I think, the the Lamb is following it’s mother [sheep] because to find protection and to drink milk.

    The lamb looks different from the mother sheep because the lamb is a baby and the big sheep is the mother and also the adult sheep has a fleece even though the baby doesn’t.

    I found a extra fact. An adult female sheep is called ”ewe” and an adult male sheep is called” ram ”.

  • Mr Morgan says:

    Great facts Melina and Vihansa. Ewe are both very clever girls.

    It’s helpful to notice the differences between young and old living things, as well as male or female animals. Especially if you might be interested in becoming a vet!

  • Albino says:

    Hello Mr Morgar !I think the little lamb feels safer when is close to its mother. And also when he is hungry to be near the sheep to drink milk.

    • Mr Morgan says:

      Hello Albino! I am so happy to read your comment! You are right, the little lamb needs to drink milk.

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