Recognising Coins

Hello Red Class


This week I am going to be looking at coins and money with you. I opened up my money box and shook everything out, every last coin.

Watch the first video and see if you can recognise the coins with me. If you ask your grown ups maybe they will have some coins you can look at while you are watching. There are 8 different coins. 



So there is another coin with 7 sides that is silver. Do you know what coin that is? If you have some coins that you are looking at too, get that coin and have a look at it. 


So… Let’s recap! Look at the different pairs of coins from the smallest value to the greatest value. Think about the colour, the shape and the size of the coins. Can you recognise them just by looking at them?

There is a worksheet just like the one I am using in the video below for you to print out and have a go at recognising coins too. Pop a picture onto Tapestry so Kate and I can see how brilliant you are with money.


Here are the worksheets for you to use and a Powerpoint quiz to test how much you have learnt. I also put some coins you can cut out and use – just in case you don’t have all the coins.



Can’t wait to see your work on Tapestry. You can comment below also. 

Michelle 🙂

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